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First, a high five to the Zendesk team

Zendesk’s success has proven that its founding team was right about the need for change in the Helpdesk software industry. Zendesk has proven that companies need to have a dedicated system to provide customer support and that this system needs to be something intuitive and that employees enjoy using. The question here is: ‘Is Zendesk the best universal Help Desk solution for every company?’

BUT Drag is a simpler Zendesk alternative, right inside Gmail

Here’s how we think.

Zendesk revolutionized the Helpdesk industry. Back in 2007, when the Danish trio Mikkel Svane, Morten Primdahl, and Alexander Aghassipour founded what that time was a Startup, customer service systems for large companies were very backwards and cumbersome. Definitely not a product that you would enjoy using, as Mikkel himself said to Forbes.

Today, the $500 million turnover giant has proven to have brought significant more value to the industry. Their success proved they were right about the need for change in the Helpdesk software industry. And it worked. It has been working for 100,000+ companies (and counting) Worldwide. After all, 8 in 10 consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

We don’t believe Zendesk is for everyone. Drag isn’t neither. However, if you are a small company working in G Suite and like simplicity, this page is for you. Drag simplifies Help Desk by making it right inside Gmail. We have simplified the way team control their work. We have simplified our pricing, with a flat fee for unlimited users.

If you fits this profile, we strongly recommend you keep reading this page. We will explain why Drag can be a great Zendesk alternative for some companies.

We hope this helps…

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

The  TOP  reasons why companies use Drag vs. Zendesk


Drag lives in Gmail

Imagine a Help Desk card. What does it look like? For us, it looks like an email converted into a ticket. When closed, this ticket is then turned back into an email to customers. Why do we have to convert emails into tickets, and tickets into emails? Simply because email was not built to be a Help Desk. But Drag solves this. Drag is the Zendesk alternative that superpowers Gmail to allow teams to manage Help Desk right from inside the place they spend most of their time – Inbox.


Work in a visual way

Visual workflows are proven to make your team work faster and happier. Tools such as Trello, Monday.com, Asana and Jira all use a visual way of working, called Kanban. It kicks the ass of traditional lists. Nowadays, almost every task management software offers this and Drag brings this to email also to make your life easier also. Optionally, of course.


Zendesk is too expensive

With a per user / month pricing (that doesn’t start cheap), Zendesk charges you more as you grow your company. Besides, you need to pay for Zendesk along with other productivity software such as task management or CRM, for example. With Drag, you save big. We replace lots of tools in one, with a flat pricing, for unlimited users. For a team of 5 using Zendesk, Trello and Pipedrive, for example, Drag can bring savings up to $250 / month.


Drag is easy to learn

Because it has lots of features, Zendesk demands a whole lot of resources — time and people — to be properly understood. Smaller companies can’t afford to have team members to stop their work and learn an extra complicated tool. In opposition to that, Drag is simple. No training required. It’s just Gmail. But with superpowers.

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We created the category of the Everything Inbox for you.

Here is the defining moment…

Here is us defining the category of the Everything Inbox. Our clear vision from day one: Empower teams who live and breathe email, to control their work in one tool, one place and one way.

Reasons to believe in Drag as a Zendesk alternative

DragApp Techstars

“The user interface of Drag seamlessly integrates with our workflow at Techstars. I’m not only a big user but also a believer of Drag’s Everything Inbox.”

Clement Cazalot,
Managing Director @Techstars Boston

DragApp Rich Paret

“Teams do their best work when supported by simple but yet powerful tools. Drag takes email, a tool every team is already using, and gives it superpowers.”

Rich Paret, Senior Engineering
Director @Google, GM of @Fabric

DragApp Javier Tordable

“Drag is a fantastic tool to help our teams collaborate better. And it does so right from the email inbox, where so many of us spend most of our time at work.”

Javier Tordable
Technical Director @Google Cloud

5 stars from customers

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