Why go for Drag vs Sortd.

Drag is the best Sortd alternative.

  • Turn Gmail into visual Kanban boards
  • Share group emails like support@ or info@
  • Manage tasks, deals and customers right from Gmail
  • Collaborate with teammates on emails and drafts
  • Automate repetitive workflow tasks
  • Track your team’s performance
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sortd alternative

Finally, a better Sortd alternative.


So, you are in G Suite and love organizing your work in visual Kanban boards. Maybe you are even part of a team and would love to manage workflows right from Gmail. If this defines you – definitely read on.

Drag is the World’s first all-in-one tool in Gmail.  One single place to support customers, close deals or manage tasks, from the place teams love – Gmail. Most workflows start in email but quickly get spread across different tools. We believe teams should stop switching between tools and manage their entire workflow from their inbox.

Below, you’ll find information on how Drag compares to Sortd, including features and insights into why customers make this switch. We hope this helps.

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

Reasons why companies use Drag vs. Sortd


Real Gmail experience.

Sortd completely rebrands Gmail into their own interface. That’s not for everyone. We’ve found a lot of customers find that too much. Users of Gmail, like Gmail, and want to feel like they are still in Gmail. Drag is the Sortd alternative that doesn’t disrupt your Gmail experience. Oh, and we offer list view as well!

drag shared inbox


Share info@, support@ and other team inboxes.

This isn’t really what Sortd is for. They’re about converting an email to a task and then keeping it as that. Drag has dynamic shared inboxes, where emails come in real time and team members can all read and reply to emails as part of a team. And yes, you can convert emails into static tasks in Drag too ?.


Automate your work.

Sortd doesn’t have any workflow automation. You need to do everything pretty much manually.

With Drag, you can automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters. For example, emails from a certain customer can be moved automatically to a certain board, be assigned to the right team member and receive the relevant tags. Drag is more than a Sortd alternative.

Kanban Gmail
google groups vs drag


Send emails faster with templates and automated follow ups.

This is another way that Drag can save you time. Turn repetitive emails into templates, that can be shared across your team for consistency.

Automatically schedule follow ups to increase response rates. Just select when you want to schedule the follow up emails and we take care of the rest.


Collaborate on drafts, send emails on behalf of each other.

In Drag, you can collaborate on drafts before sending them. Or have someone drafting an email for you (e.g. executive assistant), so you can review and send.

You can also reply on behalf of each other (e.g. executive assistant sending emails as you), or reply as a shared inbox like support@.

Team Inbox Gmail
sortd drag


Track your team’s performance.

Sortd doesn’t offer any analytics solution. You work hard but in the end of the day, you cannot track how much you and your team got done.

Drag has reports and analytics so you can actually have insights on what’s going on in your inbox. Drag is more than a simple Sortd alternative.

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