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High-five to Sortd for bringing Kanban to Gmail

Sortd has built a great product. It is focused primarily on individual users and better organizing a single inbox. As big fans of kanban ourselves, we salute you, Sortd.  There are some subtle and some extreme differences between how Drag compares to Sortd. This page will explain the differences.

BUT the biggest difference is the overall experience…

Here’s how we think.

Sortd have been doing Kanban in email for a while. For years they have evolved their product to look, feel and work a certain way. Some customers like the way that Sortd feels, and others prefer Drag. We’ll leave you to decide.

Aside from UI / UX, Drag is building a product exclusively focused on replacing the many tools required to run your business. We are different from day one. The founding team have one mission – Everything Inbox for Teams – one single workspace to run your business.

Our founding team is made up of people from MIT, successful SaaS founders with multi-million revenue and most recently a Techstars alumni company (backed by key people @ Google to deliver on our vision). We know how businesses need to be run and are building the tools to do it.

Drag is also a remote-first team. We experience the team collaboration challenges first hand, every single day. So, long story short: if you’re looking for a product made by best team for the best teams – then you’re in the right place.

We hope this helps…

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

P.S. Need more convincing?

The rest of this page is for you. We’ve brought together some great minds across customers, investors within Google, and our internal team to ask the question “How do we differentiate?”. Here are top answers from top minds.

The  TOP  reasons why companies use Drag vs. Sortd


You want the Gmail experience?

Sortd completely rebrands Gmail into their own interface. That’s not for everyone. We’ve found a lot of customers find that too much. Users of Gmail, like Gmail, and want to feel like they are still in Gmail.


Share info@, support@ and other email addresses

This isn’t really what Sortd is for. They’re about converting an email to a task and then keeping it as that. We all know that it would be awesome to have a true shared inbox and reply to emails coming in, as part of a team.


Great minds helping deliver on Drag’s vision

There is a wider team making this happen. We are backed by Techstars and 40+ investors including on leadership roles @ Google. Drag is a spin-out of MIT and has a serious team of SaaS experts helping us every step of the way.


We created the category of the Everything Inbox for you.

Here is the defining moment…

Here is us defining the new category of the Everything Inbox. Others have since attempted to follow with “Team workspace in Gmail”, “Collaborative Workspace in Gmail” and other expressions. We created the category and as a Techstars Backed Company, have a clear vision from day one to deliver first Everything Inbox for teams – one single workspace to run your business.

Reasons to believe in Drag

“The Drag team has the secret sauce. I’m not only a big user but also confidently believe that Drag is the right company to deliver it’s Everything Inbox idea.”

Clement Cazalot,
Managing Director @ Techstars Boston

“Teams do their best work when supported by simple, powerful tools. Drag takes email, a tool every team is already using, and gives it superpowers.”

Rich Paret, Senior Engineering
Director @Google, GM of @Fabric

5 stars from customers

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