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Simplify your IT Service Desk

Streamline your IT service desk operations and close queries faster by keeping it simple yet efficient.

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task management software in gmail

Built for IT teams using Google Workspace

Most IT requests start and end in your inbox. So stop switching
between Gmail and complex Service Desk tools.


Slow responses

Lack of requests accountability
Slow input from external stakeholders
Low visibility on workload distribution
Manual and time-consuming process
Poor monitoring of team performance

Fast services, delivered

Everyone knowns who is working on what

Seamless communication and knowledge transfer across departments

Requests evenly distributed across team members

Recurring and automated workflows

Requests volume and team performance monitored in real time

92% of users increased team productivity after switching to Drag.

Collaborate in real time

Connect shared inboxes or Google Groups (e.g. it@, tech@) to Drag boards. Share them with your team, so everybody is on the same page. No more cc’ing or forwarding emails around.

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DragApp for IT

Easily assign to-dos and view their status

Ensure that every task has an owner with email or task assignments. Automatically assign queries or tasks based on keywords, email sender or email receiver. Organize to-dos in lists or kanban boards.

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Automate repetitive tasks

Save time by automating repetitive tasks, from moving requests straight to specific columns to auto-assigning requests with certain keywords (e.g. “Installing Software”) to specific team members.

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dragapp as it service desk

Collaborate across functional teams

Need to work with different teams, like when handing over a bug to the development team? Share boards or individual emails or tasks across different teams or team members in 1 click.

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Track workload and team performance

Measure workload and your team’s performance with reports and analytics. Identify and unlock bottlenecks to optimize your processes.

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Collaboration in Google Workspace for 200,000+ users worldwide.

Infinitely scalable solution

Join 200,000+ users using Drag

Exceptional collaboration, automation and communication in Google Workspace

Leading collaboration tool for Google Workspace users

Named Momentum Leader by G2.

200,000+ users worldwide

Spanning across 50+ countries.

No credit card required

No catch – free and paid options.

Setup in under 5 minutes

No IT teams required.

Google-approved security and trust

Google CASA certified, does not store your emails.

99.99% uptime in last 12 months

Monitored 24/7/365.

4.7 stars from 1,200 reviews.

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