Keep finances on
track from Gmail.

Run and track finances processes
without leaving your inbox.

  • Share group emails like billing@ or accounts@
  • Organize emails, files and tasks from your finance department
  • Centralize and standardize finance workflows
  • Collaborate across functional teams
  • Automate your workflows with rules
  • Report on your team’s activity
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Built for finance teams in G Suite.

From invoices to purchasing orders, most finance processes start as emails. So stop switching between Gmail and lots of tools.

No more struggling with email collaboration.

No more cc’ing and bcc’ing emails, generating confusing threads and lack of accountability. Whether your team is managing invoices, purchasing orders, reimbursements requests or payroll, link share inboxes like billing@ to Drag boards for better collaboration and organization.

More than emails: workflows.

No more jumping back and forth between email, spreadsheets and other tools. Have a purchasing order that didn’t start as email? Just add a new enquiry manually. Use flexible building blocks to create and standardize workflows: inboxes, tasks, notes, team assignment, links, files, email templates.

Collaborate across functional teams.

Need information from different teams, like further information on an expense report from the IT team? Or more details on a purchasing order requested by the Marketing team? Share boards or individual cards across different teams in 1 click.

Kanban Gmail

Work smarter.

Know when someone reads your emails. Use (shareable) email templates with custom fields to send fast emails with a personalized touch. Use due dates and deadlines to never miss important deadlines. Automatically create events and reminders in your agenda with calendar integration. 

Automate repetitive tasks.

Automate repetitive tasks, like moving emails to specific boards, auto-tagging or auto-assigning. For example, if an email contains “invoice”, automatically assign it to the team member responsible for processing invoices. Send email templates when moving cards from a column to another, like sending a confirmation when moving an invoice to the ‘Done’ column. 
Google Inbox alternative
Gmail Project Management

Measure team performance.

View the performance of your team at a glance. Slice and dice with different reporting for real-time insights. 

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