What is the most intuitive Freshdesk alternative?

14th June 2018 in Freshdesk alternative

Helpdesk softwaresΒ are essential for mostly any company that wants to exist in the market.Β Freshdesk is cool. It is a helpdesk software with many features, covering from tickets to the reports with a great amount of possibilities.

So how can something out-stand a solution like it?

Well, we believe there are some aspects that can work even better. But we begin with a question: is more always better?

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Freshdesk alternatives with 5-second-long installation

10th June 2018 in Freshdesk alternative

Complete customer support softwares such as Freshdesk have considerable amount of different features that complement each other in various aspects. They can solve all of your customer support demands.Β 

But when you use it for a while, you’ll perceive you won’t need many of these features. Why is that?

Well, Freshdesk was developed thinking about most of the possibilities a complex company might need and tried to specify everything into these features. But the question is: do your Helpdesk system need it all?

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