Freshdesk alternative

Simply put, we are the simplest Freshdesk alternative around. (and we live Gmail). One size does not fit all when it comes to Help Desk software. People may like Freshdesk because it’s considered simple. We don’t. There is a way to talk to your customers and stay in your inbox, without the added complications of an extra tool to manage customer support.

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a customer support platform that aims to serve companies of all sizes to better help their customers. It’s one of the biggest Zendesk alternatives. The problem is one customer support tool cannot fit all. This page has been made to compare Freshdesk to it’s alternatives, from different perspectives. We want to explain the best way to solve your customers’ problems – it will help you make the best decision possible.

Are you considering alternatives to Freshdesk because…

It is too complicated?

They are an upcoming product that is marketed towards all size and types of businesses. The problem is, that’s not you. 99% of the time you won’t need a complicated solution to a simple customer email explaining a problem. It’s full of user guides, parent-child Ticketing, Solution article analytics (?) and all sorts of extra features. How many do you really use?

? Drag lives in your inbox. It’s what you know best
? Customer support requests stay as emails
? Share addresses like support@ and sales@ in Gmail

They are not built for small teams?

Freshdesk has been built to cater for all shapes and sizes of business. It means that their product will be ‘feature-rich’ and packed with features that you simply wont use. Solving customer problems should be the only thing you need to focus on. Nothing more. Your customer support starts as an email, why can’t it stay that way?

? Manage all of your customer support in Gmail
? Work in team boards to support customers in Gmail, together
? Share comments, reminders and tasks on emails

It is too expensive?

You don’t need to pay for Freshdesk when you already have GSuite. Make better use of it. Here’s a tweet you should send. This aside, here’s how prices compare (based on their Garden plan).

?3 agents Drag: $45 / month, Freshdesk: $75 / month (annual saving: $360)
?5 agents Drag: $75 / month, Freshdesk: $125 / month (annual saving: $600)
?10 agents Drag: $150 / month, Freshdesk: $250 / month (annual saving: $1200)

It is another tool to learn

The average person spends 6.3 hours a day in email. Imagine, on top of that, another list to of tasks to do. Drag removes the extra step of something like Freshdesk to manage tickets.

?No extra tools to support your customers
?No more navigating between tabs to support your customers
?No extra training for your team. It works just the same as Gmail

Freshdesk Alternative Essentials

If you’re looking to support your customers in the simplest way (not the most ‘feature-rich’), here are some top reads ?