Superpower your inbox

The simplest way to share emails as a team. Share company emails like sales@ and your own email like john@, in Gmail.

Share your inbox for Customer Support, Sales, Marketing, Project Management and everything else 🚀 

Share emails like support@ and sales@ with your team

Manage a shared email account like support@ and sales@ from inside Gmail. Delegate emails, add and keep track of tasks with your team.

Turn your inbox into personal boards

Turn your inbox into multiple lists (we call them boards), in seconds. Create customized lists and organize your inbox by drag ‘n’ drop.

Turn your inbox into shared boards

Work with your team to reach inbox zero inside a shared inbox. With Drag you can set up your team to see and reply to inbound emails and get things closed, faster.

More super-features

Everything you need to manage Customer Support, Sales, Finance, Marketing and Project Management 🚀

Add tasks to Inbox

Why do task management tools and Inboxes need to work separately? Add tasks and get things done right from inside your Inbox.

Notes & checklists

Most emails include tasks to get done. Use checklists and comments to add all the information you need, in one place, your inbox.

Due dates & reminders

Add due dates to emails and tasks. Automatically add them to your Google Calendar and receive notifications to never miss a deadline again. 

Multiple kanban boards

Working on multiple things or with multiple people? No problem. Create as many boards as you want . Share them with your team or not.

Sort emails and tasks

Why do emails need to be sorted chronologically? Sort emails and tasks as you want. Drag’n’drop within a column, across columns or across boards.

Shared boards

Create shared boards to manage company email addresses like support@. Share individual emails, tasks, notes, checklists, due dates and reminders.