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Bring your team’s workspace into Gmail so that everything you need is at your fingertips.

All shared inboxes in Gmail

Manage and reply to emails across your company, wherever they’re happening – sales@, info@, or debbie@. Our much-loved Inbox is a simple way to manage support, run operations and close off tricky sales pipelines from inside Google Workspace.

No more cc'ing or forwarding internally

Easily assign emails and tasks so every to-do has a responsible. Chat with your team within the context of a card to get things done faster. Need to ping a team mate for help? Just @mention them to get their attention.

Work together on emails

Collaborate on email drafts to build better and faster responses. Know when someone else is already working on a reply with collision detection to avoid duplicated responses.

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Shared Inbox

Drag instantly turns Google Workspace and Gmail into an all-in-one workspace for teams. Share company emails such as support@, sales@ right inside Gmail.

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Your team can use shared boards and shared inboxes like they were their own – using them for anything from a simple Help Desk and CRM to a Marketing board.

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Reply as yourself, your team, or as the shared inbox address such as sales@ or support@.

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Get work done faster by assigning emails and tasks to the best-placed team members. You can see, at a glance, who’s working on what.

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@mention your team to start a real-time chat with someone to solve a Help Desk ticket faster, or to close a deal with more value. You can chat, internally, on any shared emails or tasks.

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Team chat

A private space for you and your team. Add context to any conversation by collaborating behind the scenes with your team.

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Shared drafts

Work together on replies. Collaborate using shared drafts. Write a reply and have your colleague check it before sending.

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Shared labels

Share labels and organize your boards across your team with shared labels.

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Collision detection

Sometimes your team tries to do the same thing at once. Drag detects this and notifies users when they’re both working on the same thing.

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Let your team focus on what they do best – with the help of simple, intuitive workflows.

Custom automation

Automate repetitive tasks, like moving emails from board to board, build automated ways to manage your workflow, and send automated email follow-ups.

Actionable metrics

Gather insights into what’s happening with your team to improve communication and company performance.

Consistent and tracked responses

Know when your emails are viewed. Turn the most common responses into email templates for more consistency and speed of replies across your team.

Email templates

Quickly select templates to send, instead of having to write them from scratch over and over again. Access them fast, from inside Gmail.

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Email tracking

Know who’s viewing, clicking, and replying to your emails. Think WhatsApp’s ‘double-tick’ technology.

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Email sequences

Never, ever send a manual email follow-up again. Send a personalized, scheduled sequence of emails.

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Easily automate repeatable workflows. Automatically send emails to boards, assign emails and create tasks for your team.

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Custom fields

Add fields to what your company needs. Custom fields have all of the different field types that you may need to organize your cards.

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Understand what’s happening on boards. Get insights into how productive you and your team are.

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Shorten the time to meaningful work.

The most visual inbox on the planet

Turn your workflows into a visual powerhouse: choose between kanban or list views, customize lists, color-code, sort, and filter.

Everything from a single place

Have all the context you need around a workflow from one place – email, tasks, contacts, notes, files (and your team!).

Keep track of everything

Get a full history of all actions on boards, understand team usage, and get smart actionable data.

inbox zero

Board views

Drag turns Gmail into a Kanban layout (we call them boards). It’s a proven way to be more organized. You know how to use Gmail, so no training needed.

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Not everything comes as an email, sometimes there’s a separate task. You can add tasks directly to your inbox.

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Email notes

Can’t remember some details? Add notes to any email so you always have information to hand.

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Most emails come with things to get done. Separate these out and add them as actionable tasks.

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due dates

Due dates

Is there a deadline – something you need to get done by a date? Keep things on track by adding a due date.

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Color coding

Get a better overview of your boards by color-coding them based on time zones, urgency levels, or anything that works best for you.

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Activity log

Get a full history of all actions on a board (and on a specific card). Learn what and when you need to deal with an email or task.

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Sort & filter

Sort and filter boards so that you can focus on the things that matter most. By person, statuses, colors, labels, you pick how to filter boards.

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Card links

Generate card and board links and use the URLs anywhere.

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Drag to boards

Drag works across boards. Received an email directly to you? Drag it to a team board so your entire team can help solve faster.

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File upload

Share files with your team – upload all sorts of files to cards to close things faster.

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Merge cards

Merge cards into collections to save time and energy. Group different emails and tasks into one single card to better manage your work.

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Connect your favorite apps to Drag’s Inbox.

Automate tasks across apps

Manage your favorite apps right from inside Drag, without needing to move back and forth.

Customize workflows your own way

Each workflow is unique and we know that. By integrating Drag to other apps, you can build automations around your own way of working.

No developers? No problem.

Create hundreds of workflow automation rules without needing to write a line of code.


Integrate Drag to 5,000+ apps with our Zapier integration. From creating contacts in a CRM from incoming emails to creating cards from a website form, the options are endless.

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