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First, a high-five to the team at Gmelius

Looking for a Gmelius alternative? We would like to give a high-five to the entire team at Gmelius. They built a great product to help individuals be more productive in Gmail. However, if you’re here because you’re evaluating Drag vs. Gmelius, or looking for a Gmelius alternative, then you’re already taking your first steps towards finding a product that will help your team control teamwork in one tool, one place and one way. So why is Drag the best Gmelius alternative? Sure there’s different features in both and we’ll dig into that further down the page.

BUT the biggest difference is actually our DNA…

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Here’s how we think.

Gmelius has been around for a while. For years, they have focused on CRM features such as Email tracking or sequences, competing with known tools such as MixMax or Boomerang. More recently, they seem to be pivoting towards email collaboration, following tools such as Drag or Front.

Drag is different from day one. The founding team have one mission – Give email-focused teams, control of their work in one tool, one place and one way.

Our founding team is made up of people from MIT, successful SaaS founders with multi-million revenue. We are a Techstars company, backed by key people @ Google to deliver on our vision. We know how businesses need to be run and are building the tools to do it. 

Drag is also a remote-first team. We experience the team collaboration challenges first hand, every single day. So, long story short: if you’re looking for a product made by best team for the best teams – then you’re in the right place with Drag, the best Gmelius alternative.

We hope this helps…

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

P.S. Need more convincing?

The rest of this page is for you. We’ve brought together some great minds across customers, investors within Google, and our internal team to ask the question “How do we differentiate?”. Here are top answers from top minds to explain why Drag is the best Gmelius alternative.

The  TOP  reasons why companies use Drag vs. Gmelius


It’s not about rolling-out features

It’s about a clear vision. Companies suffer from product bloat, trying to serve every single customer. Drag is being built to serve a focused customer set with the clear mission to give email-focused teams, control of their work in one tool, one place and one way. (and when we speak, we’ll be honest if that’s not you). Our team is comprised by experienced small business owners, sharing the pain with our customers, navigating back and forth between different tools to run a business. We don’t want to build every feature to try and reach everyone. We want to exclusively build Drag to serve this pain.


Great minds helping deliver on Drag’s vision

There is a wider team making this happen. We are backed by Techstars and 40+ investors including on leadership roles @ Google. Drag is a spin-out of MIT and has a serious team of SaaS experts helping us every step of the way.


Grow your team, not your costs

We don’t plan to win by simply lowering prices. Our philosophy is truly different. Drag has no user / month prices. We believe teams should be able to control their work in one place, one tool, one way. Drag is the Gmelius alternative with flat price, regardless of your team size. Focus on growing your team, not your costs.


A business model focused on customer success

We are obsessively customer-centric. We understand the epic challenge of replacing many tools just one – Drag! It takes a hands-on approach led by humans (not bots) from the point you join to staff training, adding workflows across departments and change. We have built our business model to be available every step of the way.

drag app

We created the category of the Everything Inbox for you.

Here is the defining moment…

Here is us defining the category of the Everything Inbox. Our clear vision from day one: Empower teams who live and breathe email, to control their work in one tool, one place and one way. Others have since attempted to follow with “Turn Gmail into your team workspace” and other expressions.

Reasons to believe in Drag

DragApp Techstars

“The user interface of Drag seamlessly integrates with our workflow at Techstars. I’m not only a big user but also a believer of Drag’s Everything Inbox.”

Clement Cazalot,
Managing Director @Techstars Boston

DragApp Rich Paret

“Teams do their best work when supported by simple but yet powerful tools. Drag takes email, a tool every team is already using, and gives it superpowers.”

Rich Paret, Senior Engineering
Director @Google, GM of @Fabric

DragApp Javier Tordable

“Drag is a fantastic tool to help our teams collaborate better. And it does so right from the email inbox, where so many of us spend most of our time at work.”

Javier Tordable
Technical Director @Google Cloud

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