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Refer Drag and get paid

Refer Drag to your network and earn 40% of all referred payments. It’s a win-win

Google Workspace resellers

Our Google Workspace partners seamlessly add Drag into their client suite of products.

Professional networks

Professional service networks are the perfect hotspot to refer to Drag. There is an immediate fit with companies that depend on email in a day-to-day workflow.

1. Join the Program

It’s completely free! Once you apply for the program, we’ll review your application and contact you within 2 business days.

2. Promote Drag

Generate one or multiple unique links and start spreading the love about Drag with other companies. You can track links, clicks, paying customers and your commissions/payouts on an individual dashboard that will be generated as soon as you join the Program.

3. Get Paid

You will earn 40% commission once your referrals become Drag paying customers. Your referrals must sign up using your unique link for you to receive payment. Commissions are recurring and will remain for as long as your referral stays as a paying customer at Drag.

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Why join our Referral Program?

Lifetime commissions

Earn 40% commission on every recurring payment we receive from paying customers you refer to us.

Reliable support

Lean on our team for support when you need it. Our customer support is top-rated for a reason.

Performance Reports

Optimize your promotions by adding unique tracking parameters and monitoring links and performance on a personal dashboard.

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