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Refer Drag to your network and earn 40% of all referred payments. It’s a win-win.

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Trusted by 20,000+ companies.

Why join our Referral Program?

Lifetime commissions

Earn 40% commission on every recurring payment we receive from paying customers you refer to us.

Reliable support

Lean on our team for support when you need it. Our customer support is top-rated for a reason.

Performance Reports

Optimize your promotions by adding unique tracking parameters and monitoring links and performance on a personal dashboard.

How it works

1. Join the Program

It’s completely free! Once you apply for the program, we’ll review your application and contact you within 2 business days.

2. Promote Drag

Generate one or multiple unique links and start spreading the love about Drag with other companies. You can track links, clicks, paying customers and your commissions/payouts on an individual dashboard that will be generated as soon as you join the Program.

3. Get Paid

You will earn 40% commission once your referrals become Drag paying customers. Your referrals must sign up using your unique link for you to receive payment. Commissions are recurring and will remain for as long as your referral stays as a paying customer at Drag.

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“There really is no comparison when it comes to Drag. We have a great relationship with their team, it’s incredibly easy to use, addresses all of our needs, and the price is right!”

Kensie Tanner

Coordinator, Operations @ Boosted Commerce

“Thanks to Drag, my days are more productive. As an entrepreneur, I can dedicate a larger portion of my day to grow the business, thanks to the time saved in routine follow up work.”

Ashwin Rodrigues

Founder @ Good Drop Wine Cellars

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Questions? We have answers…

How much can I earn?

There is no limit of how much you can earn by referring Drag. Below are a few examples:

  • Team of 5 in the Starter annual plan = $480. You get paid $192 (each year).
  • Team of 20 in the Plus annual plan = $2,880/month. You get paid $1,152 (each year).
  • Team of 50 in the Pro annual plan = $9,600. You get paid $3,840 (each year).

Do I need to be a Drag customer?

We would love it if you used Drag yourself, but you are not required to be a Drag customer in order to be a part of the Program.

What promotion methods are accepted?

Most of our partners promote their unique links via blogging, SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing, YouTube, WordPress, and more. It is completely up to you.

What is the Cookie window?

The referral cookie life is 60 days. If a user subscribes to a Drag service within 60 days, the referral will be credited to your account.

How and how often do I get paid?

You must have at least $50 USD in rewards in order to withdraw funds. Rewards are available to withdraw on the 15th of each month. Payments are made via PayPal or Wise.

Where can I find all the specific Program details?

You can find all things related Drag Referral Program in our Referral Program Terms. If you have more questions, you can reach out to us at [email protected].