Absolute Marketing saves 20 hours a month with Drag.

Here’s how they increase productivity and save valuable employee time and overhead.

  • 20,000 monthly emails handled
  • 3 shared boards
  • 20 hours saved per month


It’s as if Trello, Gmail, Slack and a CRM
had a baby!

absolute marketing drag

-Elizabeth Pampalone,
Founder @ Absolute Marketing


Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Absolute Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in creating and implementing 1 year of marketing content in 5 days.

As a marketing services provider, the company faces challenges with staff time and productivity being eaten up with program switching and ensuring all programs are working together. They also use Email as their main source of communication.

Before Drag, they were managing their communication through an ever revolving series of PM softwares. However, this process had several flaws.



First, integration was horrendous. The tools did not integrate seamlessly with each other and with Absolute Marketing’s main source of communication – Email.

Further, using multiple tools led the team to constantly switch across applications to ensure the right information was input in each one of the systems.

Then, there wasn’t one that seemed to have the right combination of features. For example, one might have great team communication but it didn’t allow email collaboration.

Finally, all the tools were costly, especially when used as a stack, and there was always another thing the team had to check.



Absolute Marketing’s Founder Elizabeth Pampalone began looking for solutions that would allow her team to stop wasting time switching between other programs and start focusing on the work threatening to overwhelm them.

She tried many other project management platforms, however, none performed the crucial functions needed.

What she really needed was something functioning within her email, yet none of the IN email programs allowed for team usage.

Then she found Drag.



Today, Absolute Marketing has improved productivity, time management and quicker turnaround for client work.

For example, when a client submits a ticket, it goes to one person who assigns it to the appropriate team member and gives it a due date. The team converses on the chat before, during and after the ticket is completed.

“Having the ability to chat within Drag and assign emails has been crucial as almost everything we do starts with an email”, said Elizabeth Pampalone. “We also love being able to create boards and color code them like in Trello. I always say it’s like Trello and Gmail had a very awesome baby!”.

Drag also replaced other tools they used before such as Slack, Freedcamp, Basecamp, FB Messenger, and more, reducing their technology costs significantly.



With Drag, they began organizing their clients across Drag boards, sometimes with multiple projects per board.

This way, they can see what is assigned, in process, and completed, delivering their client projects more efficiently.

I love that I can organize my inbox into sections so I can see everything and know what is coming up next, rather than snoozing it or moving it to a folder to be forgotten forever!

-Elizabeth Pampalone,
Founder @ Absolute Marketing

Their Favourite Drag Features:

Internal Team Chat

Collaborate with team members within the context of a specific email or task.

Due Dates in Email

Plan and track your time better with visual due dates for Email and tasks.

Shared Boards

Use boards to create all types of workflows and assign work.

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