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“Great customer support! I would recommend this to anyone needing a team email solution.”

💬 John G. on G2

“If you live out of your google inbox, and are tired of using multiple apps – Drag is for you.”

💬 Vanessa C. on G2

“Great product with amazing support. I’ve recommended it to many people.”

💬 Mark Richards on Product Hunt

“Makes Multiple Process Emails a Breeze!”

💬 Tom F on G2

“Drag has completely changed the way our design team collaborates on projects.”

💬 Lee T. on G2

“Sanity back to Email.”

💬 Mike M. on G2

“Their customer service is fantastic – before using this I got on a video call with multiple members of their team to walk me through the installation process. This is exceptional customer service, and for that I consider myself loyal to their team and their software. This product is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.”

💬 Cyrus Khambatta on Product Hunt

“With so many tasks that are segmented or incremental within our company, this is perfect for looking at what we do from a high level and know exactly what needs to be done next!”

💬 Ben F. on Capterra

“I totally recommend this extension. Amazing design and easy to adapt. Made my daily work much more easy. If you handle a big team, several projects, or lots of clients…this tool will help and save you lot of time.”

💬 Lady Morales on Product Hunt

“You’re speaking to me, @lovedragapp: Workers end up with endless tabs in their browsers, needing to navigate back + forth across a number of tools that don’t connect to each other.

💬 Brooks B. Wallace on Twitter

“Best organizational tool I’ve seen. Combining email, notes, chat, tasks, notification, group share and more is genius. I think this will be the future of communication for individuals and businesses.”

💬 Chad Geiken B. on Product Hunt

“Drag is the one Gmail application that saves us from using a bunch of external tools. Our team manages tasks, todos, notes, Trello style lists just inside Gmail.”

💬 Christoph Fried on Product Hunt

“The best thing, really, is the Drag team. They are very eager to help and are patient during the testing process. Appreciate your help guys!!”

💬 Darryl Boyd on Product Hunt

“Just discovered @lovedragapp and am loving it as a Chrome extension for external Gmail accounts. Kanban style columns +++ small tasks!”

💬 Jessica D’Amico on Twitter

“I have been using Drag since 2018, it continually gets better and better.”

💬 Lucas Hayes on Product Hunt

“What a great solution!”

💬 Tony L. on G2

“Absolutely brilliant for our Gmail inbox.”

💬 Sean K. on G2

“Drag is better than working in Trello and Slack without leaving Gmail.”

💬 Carlos R. on G2

“For organizations that are very email-driven using Gmail / GSuite, Drag is a great tool. I’m using Drag to organize all my tasks driven by emails from internal and external people. I’ve also found customer support to be incredibly accessible!”

💬 Dan N. on G2

“Without Drag we were unable to see what needed actioning in our shared inboxes. This has made sure we can keep on top of everything and that nothing gets missed. Brilliant!”

💬 Nicky E. on G2

“The best application for the business. The shared inbox and the ticketing system of the software enable the features to chat internally and also solve the issues with the best ease and increase the team productivity.”

💬 Kamal S. on G2

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