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Reports at your fingertips.

Reporting gives you clear insights into team performance, and identifies where to improve.

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Understand workload.

View how many new emails and cards were added to each board in a given time. See trends and how numbers compare to previous periods. Have a perspective on the workload for your team, in real-time.

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Visualize board activity.

See all activity made across boards in a given time, per team member. Understand how it compares to previous times. Slice and dice or filter board activity for different insights.

Measure team performance.

Use leaderboards to compare individual performance across team members.

“There really is no comparison when it comes to Drag. We have a great relationship with their team, it’s incredibly easy to use, addresses all of our needs, and the price is right!”

Kensie Tanner

Coordinator, Operations @ Boosted Commerce

“Drag has empowered our team to collaborate on projects across the Onboarding process, resulting in increased Sign Up to Go Live times and very happy clients.”

Holly Jenkins

Chief Operating Officer @ Waste Logics

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