Good Drop achieves 40% more deadlines with Drag.

Here’s how they reduced time spent in management meetings, while meeting more deadlines with Drag.

  • Monthly review meetings now 50% faster.
  • 40% immediate improvement on achieving deadlines.
  • Faster and more accurate project planning.


Thanks to Drag, my days are more productive. As an entrepreneur, I can dedicate a larger portion of my day to grow the business, thanks to the time saved in routine follow up work.

-Ashwin Rodrigues,
Founder @ Good Drop Wine Cellars


Founded in 2009, Good Drop Wine Cellars is India’s first specialist sparkling wine producer. They believe that Indian wines can be among the finest in the world and every day they strive and move closer to that goal! 

Among the many challenges of monitoring a supply chain in 13 states (and counting!) across the length and breadth of India, the Good Drop Wine team faces an increasing challenge in coordinating with sales and distribution teams who are located at site and operate remotely. 

It’s critical for their team to be informed of all updates related to market dynamics, targets, deadlines, instructions, and customer feedback. Any delay on an account of missed communications may lead to inefficiencies and ultimately affect sales performance.



Their team used to monitor updates, tasks and enquiries with Google Sheets. Needless to say, this workflow had several problems: 

Managing, updating and retrieving data was tedious and, at times, not updated regularly. Especially because it relied on a manual migration of data from various sources in the tracking sheets, and access to the cloud was not always feasible in remote locations.

As a result, team meetings and project update meetings were taking inordinately long and keeping track of delegated tasks was almost impossible.

This was resulting in poor communication and a lack of accountability amongst teams. This was leading not only to project deadlines not being met, but also to an inefficient use of precious time in conducting review meetings, that took longer than required.



The founder Ashwin started to research how to manage his communications with his direct reportees in a better way. 

He has tried other workflow management apps, however, the trials didn’t really work well. As they were all extra tools in the team workflow, team members often forgot to keep the apps up to date

Because of most their tasks and communication and managed via email, he then realized they needed a solution with a systematic and methodical approach to organize all emails, tasks and communication altogether.



Today with Drag, the Good Drop team can finally monitor communication, emails, tasks and deadlines from one single tool. Drag has improved communication among their teams and brought more clarity on prioritization and status of tasks and real time updates on project deliverables.

With the help of Drag, concerned teams can easily be called upon using virtual meeting rooms, and updates on critical issues can be sought and addressed in a timely manner. Essentially everyone is always on the same page – or in the case of Drag the same board ?.

“With Drag, the email itself becomes a task that can be tracked. It’s intuitive, easy to use and most importantly it converts Gmail into a workflow tracker. Emails pertaining to a project can be dragged on to a board, with access to multiple boards at the click of a tab”, says Ashwin.

This way, all projects, tasks, deliverables and deadlines are always up to date and review meetings are much more efficient than before.



To manage their emails, enquiries, project and tasks updates, the Good Drop Wine team has created boards dedicated to individual zones. The communication between senior management and zonal heads is routed through these boards, which in turn are used to quickly ascertain status of individual tasks.

They have also turned direct reportee’s inboxes, company shared inboxes (e.g. admin@, hr@, purchases@), tasks and projects into Drag boards. This way, they can work in a consistent way across different teams and workflows.

They have also created automations so that:

  • Enquiries that come through their shared inboxes are automatically diverted to dedicated boards, so responses can go out in a timely manner.
  • Email updates from Sales Executives are automatically routed to the concerned boards of respective area Sales Managers.

They have recently embarked on an aggressive sales campaign in the western zone of India which in turn was subdivided into several markets, with several Sales Executives spread across the western zone. With the help of Drag, it was possible to track real time updates from each individual sales executive on a single board – prior to Drag, this would never be possible to be done in such an easy way!

Simple yet Effective is a combination of features in an IT solution that’s hard to find these days!

-Anand Mascarenhas,
Chief Operating Officer @ Good Drop Wine Cellars

Their Favourite Drag Features:

Internal Team Chat

Collaborate with team members within the context of a specific email or task.


Create rules to automate your workflows, so you can focus on what matters the most.

Shared Boards

Use boards to create all types of workflows and assign work.

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