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Sure, it’s a shared inbox.

But it also has boards, and a whole bunch of collaboration, productivity, and workflow tools – so you can take care of all the important things from one place – Gmail.

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What’s your problem?

Drag App Helpdesk Gmail

Helpdesk is too complicated.

I use a Helpdesk and generally struggle to communicate with on my email support@, help@ and other shared emails.

Turn Gmail into a Helpdesk

Too many different tools.

I have a simple business but still use lots of different tools to support customers, close deals, manage tasks and communicate with my team.

Use Gmail as an all-in-one
Gmail Teamwork Drag App

Trying to work as a team in Gmail.

I really enjoy Gmail, but need to work on things with my team. I’ve tried Google Groups and some other Google features, but they don’t quite hit the mark.

Give Gmail superpowers

Here is a superb solution (*for most).

* We are not the best option for everyone. But if your business is email-centric, we’re in for a good shot.

Bring teamwork into Gmail

No more navigating between tools or forwarding or cc’ing between internal teams. Drag turns Gmail into your team’s workspace – one place, many workspaces for your team to manage support, run operations and close off tricky sales pipeline.

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inbox zero
Drag App Gmail plug-in

Organize work from your inbox

Manage your to-do’s, schedule deadlines, and add notes on top of email. Keep your day organized, and free up time in your day.

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Make workflows simple

Manage your inbox using boards. Visualize your work so everything your team needs to help customers, visualize sales pipeline is at your fingertips. Automate the not-so-fun stuff such as email follow-ups, and managing boards.

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Gmail Drag App

Connect your favorite apps to Drag’s Inbox

Integrate Drag to 3,000+ apps with our Zapier integration. From creating contacts in a CRM from incoming emails to creating cards from a website form, the options are endless.

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Adrian Camara on Twitter

“This is a very unique tool that changes the email game.”

Justin E. on Capterra

“Great app, suberp customer service, very cost-effective, love it!”

Tom P. on G2

“Trello and Gmail and Slack and a CRM had a BABY!”

Elizabeth P. on G2

“Pretty impressive. If you’re a small team and you find yourself toggling tabs b/w Gmail, Asana, your CRM, and Slack, Drag deserves your attention!”

Aishwarya Chaturvedi on Twitter

“Drag is genius & gives me so much peace of mind as a business owner wearing many hats!”

Caitlin K. on Capterra

“Came for the men singing and dancing dressed as women, stayed for the fantastic collaboration tool!”

Shay S. on G2

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