Help Desk tool for teams using Gmail.

Build great customer relationships
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Trusted by customer-centric teams all over the world.

Built for customer-centric teams in Google Workspace.

Most customer communication starts as emails. So stop switching between Gmail and complex Help Desk tools.

No more cc’ing or forwarding emails around.

Connect shared inboxes or Google Groups (e.g. support@, customercare@) to Drag boards to organize tickets and inquiries. Share them with your team, so everybody is on the same page.

Keep conversations in context.

Have all the context you need around a customer conversation from one place: email, contact info, to-do lists, notes, files, conversation history. No more back and forth between Gmail, CRM, task management tool, and team chat.

Easily assign emails and tasks.

Ensure that every message has an owner, it takes only 2 clicks. Or automatically assign incoming emails based on keywords, email sender, or email receiver.

Work together to provide a “wow” experience.

Collaborate on drafts or even reply on behalf of each other. Need help from a teammate? @mention them in your team chat, within the context of that specific client or ticket.

Ensure consistent and fast support.

Use shareable email templates to send fast emails and ensure consistency across your team. Use due dates to never miss important deadlines. Automatically create events and reminders in your agenda with calendar integration.

ticketing tools print displaying a ticket for Need help purchasing

Collaborate across functional teams.

Need information from different teams, like handoffs from the sales team? Or need to escalate a technical issue to the IT team? Share boards, individual emails, or tasks across different teams in 1 click.

Automate repetitive tasks.

Automate repetitive tasks, like moving emails from a specific client to specific boards, or auto-assigning emails with certain keywords (e.g. “invoice”) to specific team members. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on your customers.

Track key metrics to stay competitive.

View the performance of your team at a glance. Slice and dice with different reporting for real-time insights. See which team members are performing the best with individual team member reports.

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Boosted Commerce is building a 100+ brand platform, using Drag for smooth Customer Support.

“I am very excited to have discovered Drag! I am impressed with this simple, cost-effective and infinitely scalable solution to facilitate our global customer service conversations.”

Anton von Rueden

President & COO @ Boosted Commerce

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integration of CS systems
from newly acquired brands.

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of monthly customer enquiries
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of customer facing experience
for 9 brands (and counting).

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