Drag for everything else: Shared Inbox inside Gmail

Shared Inbox inside Gmail for everything , from managing finances, PR outreach to organizing a CEO’s inbox
(yes we’re talking to you, Executive Assistants!)

Drag for Everything else?

🚀 1. Set up all sorts of shared boards

You can set up shared boards for everything and anything. Customize boards,
add users and work on tasks and emails to get stuff done, faster.

🚀 2. Send emails and add tasks to shared boards

Add standalone tasks that don’t come as email. Send emails to shared boards for your team to see.

🚀 3. Use internal comments to solve stuff together

No need to forward, cc or bcc. Communicate with your team on the spot on all emails and tasks.

🚀 4. Make everyone happier, faster. 

Stay in your inbox and save everyones’ time.

Need Drag for something specific?

– Drag for Customer Support

– Drag for Sales

– Drag for Marketing

– Drag for everything else