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Automation rules

Automate manual tasks and gain time to focus on what matters the most.

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automations dashboard

Collaboration in Gmail for 200,000+ users worldwide.

Put repetitive tasks on autopilot

Create custom automation rules tailored for your workflows in seconds. Combine dozens of triggers and actions, as easy as ‘IF this, THEN that’. No code required.

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auto assign

Automate conditional assignments

Automatically assign cards to team members based on specific criteria. For example, emails with subject containing “invoice” to be assigned to your finance team.

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Set time-based SLA rules

Define time-bound rules to bring high-priority conversations to your team’s attention and drive accountability for timely actions.

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sla automation
round robin all users

Manage team workload with round-robin assignment

Distribute assignments automatically and evenly among all members or subsegment of members.

Do it for any email received or based on actions. For example “IF moved to column ‘demo booked’, THEN automatically assign to a sales rep”.

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Save time with auto-responders

Send responses to emails received on boards automatically.

Use different criteria and triggers to define when and which responses are sent. For example send replies with different resolution ETAs depending on which client you are replying to.

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auto responder
auto tag

Auto-tag emails for seamless organization

Automatically categorize cards based on specific criteria. For example, emails from a particular sender to be auto-tagged as “high priority”.

Generate reports to understand high level workload and team performance per tags, all automatically.

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Automatically route cards to the right workspace and team

Protect sensitive information by automatically distributing cards to their correct workspaces and only sharing them with their respective teams.

For example, emails with subject “bug report” to be routed to the “IT Support” board, only visible to the technical team.

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enable automations

Disable/ enable rules in 1 click

Temporarily disable an automation rule without deleting it, and re-enable it instantly as you go. For example, a rule directed at a team member that is temporarily unavailable.

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92% of users increased team productivity after switching to Drag.

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Automatic responder

Automatically send a response to emails received in your shared inboxes with Drag’s auto-responder rules.

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Round-robin assignment

Automatically assign emails and tasks by Round-Robin for an automated workload distribution.

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Automatically tag emails and cards based on certain triggers.

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