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Customer feedback in SaaS: how to collect and act on it

By July 2nd, 2024No Comments
customer feedback in SaaS

Every company wants to solve its customers’ problems in the most efficient way. Instead of guessing what your customer is feeling about your software, they can give you straight answers if you open a space/channel for it.


It’s simple. To make your customer give positive or negative feedback about your software, you need to create opportunities on your website where they can feel safe and prepared to share their feedbacks.

This is not only positive for them but for your company. They are your customers, so they feel what needs to be improved. And which company wouldn’t like to deliver better experiences for their customers? Helpdesk systems can help you with that and so many others can help too.

Here are two reasons why your company should be collecting feedback: To avoid problems: wouldn’t it be nice if your customers could give you feedback that can prevent future problems or bugs on the platform?

To eliminate existing problems: problems will always be there, and people may have different perceptions of what is a problem and what is not. But when a large number of people are complaining about the same issue, you can choose to eliminate this problem and make everyone happy.

What know-how can you collect customer feedback? Keep reading!

Know your audience

Who is your audience? When are they connected to your software? What are the sessions and actions they take when using your software? Keep in mind that these are crucial information for you when asking them feedbacks. So, please take this step and segment your audience. 

For example, if you have free and premium versions of your software, you won’t ask free user feedback about a premium version functionality. It will show that you are unprepared and don’t have much information about your customers. Take a moment to realize who you’re talking to.

Create Surveys

Surveys are a great indicator of feedback, generally used by companies because it’s fast, simple, and easy to apply. You can do it by simply installing a plugin on your website or live chat.

You can make a detailed survey or something short yet effective. However, short surveys are an invitation for people who don’t like to write so much or aren’t good with words. That can be the best option seeing that everybody is in a rush and doesn’t want to spend more than 5-10 minutes to fill a form.

That way, separate four open-ended questions with a clear and direct statement, if you’re going to, you can also add multiple-choice questions as well. 

Organize work with a Helpdesk System

Helpdesk systems are high! If you learn how to use them from your email, for instance, your team will only gain from that. Productivity and centralized workplaces are always together, so don’t take them for granted and keep your team always on the same page.

Also, keep in mind that the faster you answer your customer, the best they will feel with your company, so take some time to check the other options you can use to make your business awesome at customer support.

Use Live Chat

We love live chat. If you are an internet heavy-user, you must have realized that some companies choose to offer live chat customer support for its customers. A chat box will pop-up when you open a website or spend some time scrolling down a page; it depends on how the company set up this resource. 

According to Neil Patel, the fastest your response, the more and more leads you are getting for your company.

For your customer, it is an excellent opportunity to solve problems rapidly, instead of filling a form, sending an email and waiting 2-3 days for a response. And for you, we have good news: installing a live chat plugin is affordable and allows you to be closer to your customer.

You can also identify some patterns and recurring problems with your communication, software development, etc. These repetitive patterns can help you better understand what needs to be improved and how you can solve these issues in a long term solution.

Add a Customer Feedback button in your website

saas customer feedbackSource: Hotjar

On your website, people are looking for buttons, links, or something to click and automatically make an action for them. Having a Customer feedback button will not only give your clients the possibility of making a suggestion. It’s also possible to receive a compliment or a complaint. But also take notice that your company cares about their feedback and is worried and prepared to improve your business more and more.

We recommend you to test and create a button with a direct text as Feedback, Send feedback, Tell us what you think, or something funny. Quick and easy for both. 

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Send a feedback newsletter

Take your customer relationship to another level. Email marketing automation may be one of the first marketing tools that come to mind when we are talking about customer support. It is essential to use it for your company’s benefit.

Connecting with your customer through a newsletter will bring proximity and human-contact. How about creating an enjoyable content asking for feedback? Try not to be plain and boring. Be creative! 

Here you will find more options about how to use your email to collect feedback through surveys. 

Track pages information

Tracking your website data can give you many ideas for new adjustments, but if you want to collect more in-depth customer feedback, this is not alone the right path. You should combine this way of receiving feedback from others.

By tracking pages, you can see which ones are getting your customers’ attention and which aren’t. There are several tools and software where you can analyze this information.


Problems and bugs are common in a SaaS company routine. However, avoiding, identifying, and solving problems are things every company needs to deal with and prepare themselves on how to make it the best way. Any help is necessary. So why not asking for feedback from the people who access your software daily? 

Valuable and constructive feedbacks are essential for your company’s development. We are all likely to receive feedback at any moment, so we need to be prepared and provide a safe place where people can feel free and allowed to expose their opinions. 

You will never learn what are your customer’s needs if you don’t get straight answers from them. Let’s take a step back and analyze what we can do to create better experiences for everyone. This way, both sides are winners.

We hope these tools help give you some insights on how to get quality customer feedback on your website. Think about them and find the best solution for your company.

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