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Google Drive vs Dropbox: Which one to go for?

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google drive vs dropbox

With so many files to handle daily, it makes total sense to have them on the cloud. You can easily access files from any device, whenever you need, and also share them with other people just with some clicks of your mouse button. But to do that you need to choose the best cloud storage software of all, to keep them safe, and facilitate your processes.

Google Drive and Dropbox are the main specific tools for this purpose, and that’s why this article will guide you through a complete comparison between them. Keep reading and find out the best fit for your personal or business use.

What is Google Drive?

google drive vs dropboxDrive

is a cloud storage app from Google, focused on collaboration and integration with other Google apps. This software helps to synchronize your files between different devices and the internet.

With Google Drive, it’s possible to upload files, create new ones inside folders, and also download from the app to your computer. It saves essential space on your personal computer, by allowing you to keep things online to be accessed anywhere you go, at any time.

What is Dropbox?



offers a cloud hosting file service that allows people to upload and access files from the most various devices, at any time and wherever necessary.

The company was founded in 2007, and nowadays, it has around 12.7 million users paying for a plan.

Dropbox vs Google Drive: Storage and Pricing

It’s impossible not to talk about these apps pricing without also mentioning their storage. Both tools have prices for individuals and businesses.The prices for individuals on Dropbox are between 0 to $16.99 on three different plans:

Basic, Plus, and Family. The last one can be shared with up to 6 people.

Google Drive has the double of plans of Dropbox, with lower prices and greater storage.

In case you need a free plan, Google Drive offers a more generous free storage with up to 15 GB against only 2 GB on Dropbox Basic plan. But it’s important to highlight that this 15 GB is divided between Gmail, Photos, and Drive. Therefore you need to consider if you are willing to have a shared total amount of storage.

dropbox drive pricing* Prices for the U.S. Check the specific prices for your country here.


When we talk about Business plans, things change drastically on the Google Drive side. Mainly because you need to acquire a Google Workspace (former G Suite) plan, that includes not only Google Drive storage, but other business apps. So you need to consider if you only need storage, or if having Google Workspace will be useful to your company.

On Dropbox, you can choose from three plans, with two of them offering unlimited storage, and of course, advanced tools you won’t find on any of the plans for individuals.

Dropbox vs Google drive table* Prices for Google Workspace plans, that include

Google Drive vs Dropbox: Syncing

Dropbox only synchronized the changes not the entire file or folder as Google Drive does. Besides Dropbox can sync files across different devices and operating systems. Although Drive can also sync across different OS and devices, it doesn’t work with native Linux. In comparison with Dropbox, the syncing is slower because of its method. Every time Drive needs to re-upload or download entire files to sync them on all the devices.

Dropbox vs Google Drive: Sharing

One of the mains aspects why people choose a cloud storage app, is the possibility of sharing easily their files with other people.In Google Drive, you can share files or even entire folders through the mobile app or the browser, by choosing between sending direct links or to send the access invitation via email. You can also choose the level of permission you give to the people you are sharing with: edit, just comment, or just view.

Dropbox works similarly to Drive with sharing. But something more straightforward you can find on this app is the option to right-click a file or folder and add a shortcut in the context menu to the Share popup, where you will be able to invite someone to access a file with an email.

Drive vs Dropbox: Search

The search bar on Dropbox doesn’t offer advanced options, you can start typing and some email addresses will pop up for you to choose on the bar, while respective results will appear right below. Moreover, you have the option to filter results by folder or by type.

dropbox vs drive

The Google search bar is located right at the top of the page. It is pretty straightforward and offers some filter options to help you find your files easily: by author and type of file, as you can see below.


search dropbox vs google drive

Google Drive also offers an advanced search, the same way as other Google Apps. It allows you to look for specific types of files, in certain folders, the trash, or anywhere. You can even set the date of modification, owner, the name of the file, and possible words the file has. All of these elements provide the opportunity to make thorough searches when you have a drive with lots of files.

To access the advanced search, you can either click the search bar and choose the option “Advanced Search”, or click the arrow on the right corner of the bar to open it directly.

search google drive vs dropbox

Google Drive vs Dropbox: Security

Security is another essential aspect to consider before you make your decision. But be aware that if you want to keep your files safe from any attacker it’s preferable to avoid storing them in the cloud. Still, the files you need to upload to the cloud need maximum protection. And when we talk about security Drive and Dropbox b0th provide great results.

First, Drive provides two-factor authentication support, making it possible for you to secure your account by requiring your choice of SMS, an authenticator app, one-tap sign-in on your phone, a phone call with a code, or even a physical key like the one Google requires all of its employees to use. Dropbox supports all of this (with the exception of one-tap sign-in) and is also taking lead on passwordless logins.

Decision time

At last, we hope that you could easily identify and compare Google Drive and Dropbox differences and similarities, advantages, and disadvantages.

Remember to consider the limitations of the plan you are willing to subscribe to. For example, if you need a free plan, you should definitely choose Google Drive, with the 15 GB storage in Google One. It’s seven times the space you will have with the free plan on Dropbox.

Another stated fact is that if you already have a G Suite (Google Workspace) account, you should consider Google Drive because it is already included in what you are paying.

Another useful tip is to analyze all your needs,  your budget, and how you would use the cloud storage, before. You can find more tips to help you with the process of the decision before buying software in this article:






We hope that you can find the perfect cloud storage app that covers all your needs.

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