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Google Introduces New Multitask Unified Modeling (MUM) For Search Results

By June 8th, 2023No Comments
(MUM) For Search Results

The world’s most popular search engine will now be coming with a wide range of new search updates, and we, for once, are super excited about it. The new updates will facilitate better product discovery while utilizing multiple inputs to look for various results.

The one update that we are most excited about is Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) for search. The new search system is here to change the face of Google’s search systems, and we are very eager to see how it works and what it means for customers and companies.

Do you also wish to know how Google’s MUM works and how it will facilitate search results to improve productivity? Then read on to know everything about the upcoming update!

How MUM Works

The MUM system is being implemented to help people search for various products based on variable inputs. It includes visual searches to broaden search parameters and expand discovery ventures. 

Multitask Unified Model (MUM) will be using a new T5 text-to-text framework that is much more powerful than their existing BERT. The new feature has been created to understand and generate language. The AI feature will be able to manage different tasks and is equipped to understand 75 different languages.

So, it will better understand world knowledge and information than the previous AI models. 

Using Information Across Different Types

Google’s spokesperson says they will be launching the new visual search method in the coming months. Here, we will also be granted the ability to ask different questions about the products we wish to see. Since the model is multimodal, it will be able to understand any information over various formats like pictures, webpages, or videos all at the same time. 

Based on this brief explanation, we can assume that Google’s advanced search capacity will soon use visuals as a reference point for the searches. For example, if you want socks with a particular design pattern, you have to use the image of the said socks to search for them. You will be sent several products under the same category with your preferred design. 

This new Multitask Unified Model (MUM) method will also be beneficial when you do not know precisely what you are searching for. You can click a picture of it and search to find whatever you are looking for. 

Thus, this new model will be a significant leap in Google’s search capacity. It will open up new considerations and ventures for discovery. It will also lead to how your customers land up on your website because of their various queries and behaviors.

Google’s MUM concept will also use broader contextual searches. They will be adding a new element known as “Things To Know” based on advanced machine understanding. It will help searchers to move in the right direction. 

For example, suppose you look for acrylic painting on Google. The search engine already knows what people like to look at under this topic. So it will show every aspect of the acrylic painting topic to help the audience look at everything they want.

Google will also be adding a deep dive search option that is more visually aligned. This option will be available for specific topics used to identify related topics inside a video. The search engine will also develop links based on these related topics to help you explore some more. 

Google’s spokesperson elaborated that while using MUM, they will also show other related topics not explicitly mentioned in the video. It will be based on the search engine’s advanced understanding of the information in the video. 

The new visual search method is a critical factor in Google’s advanced Lens search process. It enables Google app users to search based on text, video, image content on a website. Thus, it leads to improved eCommerce discovery by clients.

iOS users, too, will be given access to this new feature. They will have a new button on their Google app. They can make every image on a particular page searchable with the Google Lens. Users can now look for anything they want from any website they want!

What’s more, Google will also be expanding its products list on the main search page. Google Shopping already has 24 billion products on its page, and now there will be a new “in stock” filter to help clients. It will be primarily for local store listings so that you get to see which local store has the product you are looking for.

Applying Advanced AI Model Responsibly

According to Google, the first version of the Multitask Unified Model (MUM) feature will be available in the next few weeks. It will be followed by more updates and new versions in the next few months. This announcement is in tandem with their strict rules of proving AI to the world more responsibly. 

We can assume the new search mode will follow a meticulous evaluation process to provide helpful and relevant results. The system will also follow the Search Quality Rater Guidelines to help users find what they are looking for.

They will be trying to find search patterns that might indicate machine learning bias and eradicate it immediately. Google will also try to remove as much carbon footprint as possible to ensure that the MUM system runs effectively. 

Removing Language Barriers

As discussed before, the new MUM system is equipped to understand 75 different languages. Google added this new feature to remove any language barrier while accessing information. The model will be able to learn from whatever you wrote in your search and will bring you the desired information. 

For example, if you try to type in Japanese in the search engine, you probably won’t be able to find what you are looking for. However, it won’t matter which language you type in with the new model – Google’s MUM system will bring you the relevant information. 

What It Means For Companies

Google’s new Multitask Unified Model (MUM) process will have a massive role in every company’s brand discovery. Google’s search result display is about to change and accommodate this new shift, and companies have to change their marketing strategies.

The new feature will have a significant impact on SERPs, on user behavior, and much more. After the feature’s release, companies will have to monitor these aspects to implement new approaches accordingly. 

So, we can assume that this new search program will become a vast SEO strategy consideration for small, medium, and big businesses. Company owners must include all the latest trends on related discovery and projects. To ensure they get the maximum out of this discovery method, they have to make website content on these concepts. 

Wrapping Up

Thus, wrapping up, we can conclude that the new Google MUM will change the face of search results.

Not just for customers, it will change the game for companies. They will have to take the help of marketing strategists like 360 Digital Marketing to increase their brand exposure. For customers, it means more efficient results and getting precisely what they want in seconds. 

We have high hopes for the new search method and cannot wait to see how it pans out in the coming weeks!

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