Boards for every workflow.

Use boards to create all types of workflows, inside Gmail.

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Where workflows get controlled.

Boards represent workflows. They’re where information is shared and great teamwork happens. Whether you work in an office or remotely, Drag boards give everyone a shared perspective on the work getting done and what still needs to get done, from anywhere.

All seamlessly inside Gmail.

Freshdesk alternative
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Cards: the workflows building blocks.

Drag boards are made up of cards – they’re smaller components of a workflow and can represent different things – emails, tasks, subtasks, notes, links, files.

Each card can be (automatically or manually) assigned to team members, due date, color codes or be moved across different boards or columns.

Real time or your time.

There are three types of boards:

Shared Inbox Boards are connected to a team account such as support@ and receive incoming emails in real-time.
Google Groups Boards work very similarly, but with Google Group emails. Empty Boards start empty and don’t receive emails in real-time.

You can move emails into it or add cards manually.

Drag kanban email

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