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Yes, you can turn Gmail into a Shared Inbox for teams!

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Looking to start using a gmail shared inbox?

Shared inboxes are extremely useful for teams, but many teams in GSuite still don’t even know about the possibility of turning Gmail into a shared inbox. It happens mainly because people are have quite accepted email as it is, and don’t think about it as an evolving technology.

The thing is email has been the most used business communication tool for the past couple of decades. It’s been available almost since the beginning of internet. Also, it’s probably one of the first things you set up when you start browsing.

However, email has been designed to be used individually. There are only personal accounts that cannot be shared unless you make use of FWD, CC’s, BCC’s and other confusing features traditional email tools offer. 

But think about it, if you are on a team, wouldn’t it be amazing to share your mailbox and work collaboratively without having to use the same email address?

Fortunately, it is already possible, if you leverage the right technology. 

And Gmail is the right place for it. With many tools available as Extensions or G Suite add-ons, you just have got to be assertive in the ones you’ll choose.

How teams usually “share” inboxes

You have probably seen something like an account in which lots of people have access. Accounts such as “contact@yourcompany” are the most common idea when people idealize shared inboxes.

However, sharing the same password and not being able to track who’s working on that can be very dangerous. There’s so much more your email could be, which is why we’re sharing this information.

We want people to know the real capability of their Gmail’s inbox.

Our team inbox

In a real Gmail shared inbox, offered by Drag, you can:

  • Choose what teammates you want to see those emails you want to share;
  • Select the emails you want to share (individual emails or a shared account like;
  • Leave internal notes or reply to emails on behalf of your teammates;
  • Reply either from a shared account ( or from your individual email address;
  • Assign emails to teammates;

The next step of sharing inboxes with a team has amazing features, in a basic explanation, here are some of them:

  • Kanban: this visual tool helps email to get much easier to see and understand;
  • Emails or tasks become cards;
  • Centralized work: all your tasks and emails stay in one place;
  • Keeping teams well aligned: it helps everyone to understand on what step work is;
  • It’s much easier to delegate work;
  • Your team becomes faster;

Why Gmail shared inbox is brilliant

Properly sharing an inbox in Gmail allows teams to work together on emails when it needs more than one person (and it’s not just for customer support). 

Getting to inbox zero is everyone’s goal, it doesn’t matter if you’re in sales, customer support or anything else. But imagine, your team helping you reach inbox zero. This is our goal to make a truly collaborative place for your team’s inbox. 

We’ve talked a lot about email. But people use email for lots of different tasks – marketing, sales, customer support. We also know how hard it can be managing lots of different tasks in different roles. Having Drag Team boards means you can do just that, all from one place. Lots of tools have emerged that do specific tasks for different roles, but having a universal place, inside your inbox, is just awesome. 

It’s not just about saving time, it’s about promoting transparency across your team. Sharing certain communication onto team boards provides context to why things are getting done. 

Step-by-step guide to use your Gmail shared inbox

Don’t overthink Shared Inboxes, they’re actually quite simple to set up. To turn Gmail into it, you’ll need the following steps:

1. Download Drag Chrome Extension
2. Create your boards
3. Invite your teammates to boards

And all done! (yes, that’s it!).Now you can start collaborating in Gmail with your team. Also, your emails get many other functionalities, such as:

  • Drag’n’drop;
  • Due dates;
  • Notes;
  • Checklists;
  • Multiple boards;
  • All of the above shared with your team.

All of it. Right into your gmail shared inbox.



If you turn Gmail as a Shared Inbox in your company, many differences will be felt from top to bottom of your company. You need very a simple tool to help you get there, and when you do, there’s no turning back.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll use it just as an email, or turn CRM, Help Desk or Projects on, shared inboxes have the capability to increase productivity and boost your team’s work.

What you’ll learn inside Drag

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You’ll get:

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What now?

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