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Turn Gmail into a (visual) Shared Inbox for your team

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So, you are looking to start using a Gmail Shared Inbox?

Well, you’re in the right place. Shared inboxes are extremely useful for teams, yet many teams in GSuite around the world don’t even know they can turn their Gmail into a Shared Inbox.

The reason behind it is that somehow through the years, work teams have accustomed to deal with their usual individual email mess. They’ve accepted their email chaos as it is and never stopped to question if there was more to get from this evolving technology.

A little bit of email history

Email is the most used business communication tool during these last decades. The initial network that evolved into what we call now the internet, was born in 1983 while the first email goes back to 1971. This means that email has been available even before the internet. Chances are that one of the first things you did when you discovered the internet was probably to set up your first email account. 

Initially, email was only to be used individually. However, there are still personal accounts that cannot be shared unless you make use of FWD, CC’s, BCC’s and other confusing features that traditional email tools offer.

However, times have changed, new messaging technologies have surfaced and have pushed email usage to the side. Of course, people still use their email for personal purposes, but nobody can deny that email usage has shifted to serve more business-related purposes.

Now it’s 2020, and you are part of a work team. How amazing would it be if you could share your mailbox and work collaboratively without having to use any additional software? Fortunately, it is already possible, if you leverage the right technology

The good thing is that you’ve been in the right place this whole time. Gmail is that place. Incredible, right? You’ve had a great unused Shared Inbox tool this whole time. We are that tool. Available through just a Google Chrome extension, Drag offers the possibility of turning your Gmail interface into your most powerful business tool.




Our vision of Shared Inbox in Gmail

First, imagine your Shared Inboxes like support@ or overall workflows being managed with your team directly from Gmail like this:

Second, imagine having all of the following to manage your Gmail Shared Inbox:

  • Filtering and enhanced security: Choose which team members you want to share your emails with;
  • Select the emails you want to share (individual emails or a shared account like sales@company.com);
  • No more fwd’ing emails around: Now you can leave internal notes or reply to emails on behalf of your teammates;
  • Reply either from a shared account (sales@company.com) or from your individual email address, totally hassle-free;
  • Assign and delegate emails to teammates with the greatest of ease
  • Turn your Gmail inbox into the most dynamic to-do list you’ve ever seen.

Cool, right? That’s why we created Drag.

What a Gmail Shared Inbox can do

The great thing about Email, especially Shared Inboxes, is that the same process can be applied across multiple use cases. To name a few:

  • Help Desk: Keep track of customers’ conversations without leaving your Gmail interface. The best part? There’s no need to convert emails into tickets anymore.
  • CRM: Create and manage your pipelines in one place, your Gmail interface. Nice and easy.
  • Project Management: Convert your emails into tasks in a Project immediately. Use the proven Kanban view to manage workflows more efficiently. 
  • Many others, like Marketing, Recruiting, etc.

Add our Chrome extension and start changing the way you’ve been handling your email and your business.

Why the idea of Gmail Shared Inbox is brilliant

When you start to properly manage an inbox in Gmail, the results are remarkable. It enables teams to work together on emails when the issue requires more than one person working on it simultaneously (and it’s not just for customer support, it applies for other important divisions, like sales). 

1. Agility

Reaching Inbox Zero is a modern goal and something that every team and employee wants. It means to have zero emails in your inbox without affecting your productivity. it doesn’t matter if you’re in sales, customer support or anything else, you want to reach inbox zero.

Drag allows such higher collaboration level that everyone in the team will help each other to achieve inbox zero. This is our goal to make a truly collaborative place for your team’s inbox. 

2. Communication

We’ve talked a lot about email. People use email for lots of different tasks – marketing, sales, customer support. We also know how hard it can be managing lots of different tasks while playing different roles.

Having Drag working for you means you can seamlessly handle all your chores. Sure, lots of tools have emerged to fulfill those specific tasks, but having a unique tool that delivers all kinds of solutions inside your inbox, is just awesome. 

3. Transparency

It’s not just about saving time, it’s about promoting transparency across your team. Sharing certain communication onto team boards provides more context to why things are getting done. 




Ready to try your Gmail Shared Inbox tool?

Shared Inboxes are a total no brainer. They’re actually quite simple to set up. To turn Gmail into it, you’ll need the following steps:

  1. (Optional) Request a demo with our team.
  2. Download and install Drag Chrome Extension.
  3. Pick kanban view (like below) or normal Gmail view for your own personal inbox (you can turn kanban view on using the toggle button on top right).

4. Add new boards. You can add empty boards (and add tasks or drag specific emails to it, like a folder) or Shared Inboxes (real-time boards for teams who use emails addresses such as support@ or sales@, all emails will load straight into those boards).


5. Invite your teammates to boards.

Now you can start collaborating in Gmail with your team. Also, your emails get many other functionalities, such as:

  • Drag’n’ drop cards, that can contain emails or tasks, between columns and even boards;
  • Attach due dates to emails and tasks that need to be done by a certain time;
  • An internal chat to exchange information with your teammates in real-time;
  • Checklists to check every step of a task you need to work on;
  • Multiple boards to organize different type of emails, or different team inboxes;
  • All of the above shared with your team


When you choose to insert a shared inbox in your teamwork you will notice lots and lots of benefits, such as enhancing your productivity, speeding up your processes, and avoiding critical mistakes.

Make sure to choose a complete option, that will never let you down on helping you manage not just your email, but your entire business.

What now?

Drag is The Everything Inbox for Teams – one single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love – Gmail. We are Techstars-backed Company, trusted by 30,000 users around the World.

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