Why your company should invest in an email ticketing system

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Helpdesk systems are great inventions, they help your company out with customer issues and how you solve them, but does your company need them?

To be honest, you most probably need it. Dealing with customers isn’t something you can take for granted, so don’t mess with their happiness. After all, an email ticketing system deals with just that, so take some time to think about what kind of service you’re offering and how it could be improved for customers with issues, questions or any other kind of need for communication. 

Many companies already use similar systems, but they’re based on a third party application, such as Zendesk. It might be a good solution for you, but lots of people complain on how hard it can be to use. Some companies just don’t need all those features to function. This is why email ticketing systems started becoming more popular. Let’s check it out to know more about how it works.

Email Ticketing System: how does it work?

Basically, complains come to your team as emails. If you use a dedicated software for Helpdesk, what you need to do is send this email to the software, work it out there, and then turn it back as an email, so you can send to your customers. Quite an effort, huh?

What an email ticketing system does is to cut this path and make everything work from where it should: your email inbox.

There are so many advantages for this, let’s see some:

  • Growth in Productivity;
  • Collaboration in your team gets improved;
  • Transparency in the workflow;
  • Centralization makes it all work fot the best.

Efficiency Grows

Because everything happens in the same place, your team members and peers don’t need to switch all day between platforms in order to get informations. It all happens in the same place.

All this switching makes people more tired and less productive. The result, an average worker spends around 30h/week in email. Unbelievable.

You may be suspicious in the beginning. How can centralize work in email make people use less their emails? But the key here is that everything is already there, so people stop losing time looking for stuff in their inboxes.

It’s quite a process. In the beginning it is normal to feel a little bit lost, but when you organize your inbox and keep it ready for work mode, everything changes, and there’s no turning back. 

Your Team Collaborates More

Email Helpdesk ticketing systems allow your team to work together in email. How? With shared inboxes. This technology is great because it is one of the key aspects people need to be more productive. Collaboration just changes everything.

Every other aspect related to work is related to it as well. Shared Mailboxes create transparency in the workflow, both for workers and managers, so everyone is always in the same page.

Also, for tickets that require different types of expertise, collaboration makes responses quicker, allowing your response time drop to fall drastically. The result? More satisfied customer. 

Work Becomes More Transparent

Transparency is just as essential as team work. It’s part of it, actually. When everyone knows what the other team members are doing, work just flows better.

Both for peers and managers, the transparency offered by an email ticketing system is just great, and there are some other reasons for that, put yourself in the shoes of a customer support employee, it helps because:

  • You know what you’re working on currently;
  • You know what you should work next;
  • If someone else is delaying and need some help, you know what they’re struggling with and who can help;
  • You know what are your priorities;
  • You won’t start working by mistake in something someone else is already working;
  • Peers will all have the same organization feeling, and the team will work more harmoniously.

In the end, when everyone know what is going on — and what are the next moves —, work flows faster. It is an important lesson we need to learn in order to make the most of our productivity. Many companies insist in keeping people unaware of important actions and information. This decision just pushes the whole company back.

Centralization is the Key

After all aspects mentioned above, it’s quite visible how centralization changes everything, whether it is related to transparency, collaboration or productivity itself.

One of the most important aspects we took into consideration when developing Drag was to allow people to make the most of their work inside one single platform. It seemed controversial in the beginning, but after we saw it working, it just changed the game for us.

Now we want it to change the game for your company as well, which is why we’re sharing these bits of information in order to educate businesses.


Regardless your company will use an email ticketing system or a dedicated software, be aware that the most important thing is to keep clients happy and with any issue solved.

Once you create the best environment for them to feel heard, you’re also creating a long lasting relationship between you and them, so take some time to think about it and don’t settle in this work. It might seem hard in the beginning, but after some time it will be almost effortless for your team — and your clients will be as happy as never.

So, did you learn something new in this article? Share it with us and let us know about how we can improve our content. Thank you for reading!

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