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How to create a group email account in Gmail

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In the business world, Group Email Accounts in Gmail or any other email client, have become a necessity to optimize processes. Companies have a tendency to rely more on Gmail than any other email client. Gmail has rapidly scaled over the years and right now is one of the most preferred global business tools. Learn how to create group email accounts in Gmail with all the benefits that come along.

Regardless of the industry, Gmail has proven to be one of the best business tools ever created. Group email accounts in Gmail will definitely ease your team´s workload. Right now we see groups everywhere, not just in the business world. Take a look at social media for example. Groups are all over Whatsapp or Facebook and email clients are no exception. There´s only one big difference, group email accounts are essential for businesses. 

Why are group email accounts in Gmail essential for businesses?

When a work team uses a group email account, they find a better way to communicate with their Gmail contacts. Therefore, they save a lot of time thus optimizing their processes. Group email accounts in Gmail are particularly beneficial for companies because it helps them distribute their brand-related content to larger audiences in an organized fashion.

Another important benefit of using Gmail for your group email accounts is that they´re a more useful way to create effective email marketing campaigns. This is thanks to the possibility of creating segmented audience lists. Group email lists are the ultimate way to ensure productivity optimization in all your email-related chores.

Step 1

Go to your email contacts interface in Gmail and select all the contacts you want to make part of the new group and checkmark them.

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Step 2

Click the Groups icon (the red circle) which will display a drop-down menu. Then you need to select create new. This will let you add the contacts you selected on the first step. You can use this method to add contacts to an existing group email account.

Step 3

After this, a pop-up will display, use this box to enter your new Gmail group email account´s name. Give a name to your group, like Sales Work Team, Potential Client Prospects or make it as original as you want. 

Step 4

Click OK to save the new group email account in Gmail. This and all the groups you create will now appear on the left side of the screen. If you can´t see your groups right away its because you need to click My Contacts in order to see them. There´s also the possibility of using a Gmail label for more visibility and control.

The difference between Gmail Contact Groups and Google Groups

It’s important to understand that group email accounts in Gmail are not the same as Google Groups. Google Groups are more discussion-forum oriented rather the business approach Gmail group accounts. Another difference is that Gmail group accounts are mainly managed based on contacts owned by the Gmail account that creates the group.

Google Groups is also responsible for creating a collaborative inbox with a common shared Gmail account. Companies rely on this solution to organize inboxes. Sales and Customer Support teams often use this tool but with the additional aid of other business tools to overcome related-issues. Dragapp is one of those business tools that optimize collaborative inboxes and removes all the related issues teams often experience. Learn more about all the benefits you get from this fantastic Google Chrome extension.

Creating Distribution Lists in Gmail

Ok, so now you´ve created your group email account in Gmail. This means that you have now a distribution list for any of your company´s related content. You can use this from Gmail´s interface.

In order to do this, just go to your Gmail inbox and click compose, just as if you were typing a regular email. The only difference is that you´ll type the new group email name in the “TO” text box. Gmail auto-populates the name of the group email account.

Once you do that, you´ll see the emails of everyone in the group. A great feature is that you can include group Gmail accounts and CC and BCC them. When implemented in a business environment make sure to revise carefully to whom you´re sending information over.

Wrapping Up

Group email accounts in Gmail are great for work teams within any industry. They´re designed so you can create them to address a particular necessity. Most teams don´t know it but they have a powerful business tool in Gmail. Not just to have a group email account to manage email accounts or to send newsletters to a segmented audience. It goes way beyond that. If used properly you and your company can have a Help Desk tool, a shared inbox, a CRM tool. You just need to know where to look. 



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