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How to create a Gmail group email (3 simple steps)

By June 8th, 2023No Comments
gmail group email

If you want to know how to create a group email in Gmail, you are in the right place! We know that typing each email address from a big mailing list in the recipient box is not an option when you need to be quick at work. That’s why this feature has become essential to optimize processes for those who send bulk emails to many people daily.

The truth is that sending bulk emails is not an alternative for some purposes of work, or even for small companies that don’t use automation platforms. So doing the process for free and only using vanilla Gmail becomes the best option.

In this article, you will learn how to create your own group email list – most known as a mailing list– in Gmail step by step. And of course, all the benefits that come along with it.

Why are group email lists in Gmail essential for businesses?

When a team uses a Gmail group email, they find a better way to communicate with their contacts list. They can save a lot of time and also optimize their processes by reducing the steps they would take to type email addresses. Creating a group of contacts in Gmail is particularly beneficial for companies because it helps them send their brand-related content to broader audiences in an organized fashion.

Another significant benefit of using Gmail for your group email accounts is that they are more useful to create effective email marketing campaigns. This is possible thanks to the possibility of creating segmented audience lists. In fact, a distribution list is a great way to ensure productivity optimization in all your email-related chores.

How to create a Gmail group email account

The process to create your new mailing lists is simpler than you may think and requires just three steps:

Step 1

First, you need to go to your contact list. If you are in Gmail, click the dots, on the top-right menu, to open the pop-up window with all Google Apps, then choose “Contacts”. Or you can just access the Google Contacts site.

gmail group account

Step 2

Select all the contacts you want to put in the new group by checking the boxes next to them—Click Manage Labels, represented by the label icon. Then you can select an existing label or create a new one.

For example, if you selected people from your sales team, just create a label “Team” and click the button “Save”. After that, these contacts will be added to it. You can always use this method to add contacts to an existing list of contacts, which is useful when you use this feature for a mailing list.

how to create a group email account in Gmail

 Step 3

Time to test if your group contacts were created. Go to Gmail and start typing the email group’s name you chose to label. Just click on it to complete the name and save you time. All the emails you grouped will instantly appear on the box, and you can enter your email message usually.

group emails

Extra tip

If you ever need to delete an email address from your groups, just come back to Google Contacts site, select the contact(s) you desire to exclude. Then click on the button “Manage Labels”, unmark the group or groups the connection is in, and don’t forget to press “Apply”.

manage contact labels gmail

Creating Distribution Lists in Gmail

So now you’ve created your group email, which means you have a distribution list for any of your company’s related content. You can use this form of Gmail’s interface.

To do this, just go to your Gmail inbox and click compose, just as if you were typing a regular email. The only difference is that you’ll type the new group email name in the “TO” text box. Gmail auto-populates the name of the group email account.

Once you do that, you’ll see the emails of everyone in the group. A great feature is that you can include group Gmail accounts and CC and BCC them. When implemented in a business environment, make sure to revise carefully to whom you’re sending information.

The difference between Gmail Contact Groups and Google Groups

It’s important to understand that group email accounts in Gmail are not the same as Google Groups. Google Groups are more discussion-forum oriented, where you can create an email address for a group. On the other hand, Gmail group accounts just create specific labels for each list of people you desire. It’s a feature that doesn’t work by itself, without Gmail. Another difference is that Gmail group accounts are mainly managed based on the contact list owned by the Gmail account that creates the group.

Google Groups is also responsible for creating a collaborative inbox with a joint shared Gmail account. Companies rely on this solution to organize inboxes. Sales and Customer Support teams often use this tool but with the additional aid of other business tools to overcome related issues. Drag is one of those business tools that optimize the concept of collaborative inbox shared between teammates, removing all the related issues they often experience. Learn more about all the benefits you get from this fantastic Google Chrome extension.

Wrapping Up

Group email accounts in Gmail are great for work teams within any industry. They’re designed so you can create them for sending an email to a big list of people at the same time, for a specific purpose, without spending time typing each email address. Most teams don’t know it yet, but they have a powerful business tool in Gmail. Not just to have a group email account to manage email accounts or to send newsletters to a segmented email list. It goes way beyond that.

Extra advice: when you ally Gmail, group mailing, and a powerful tool that offers you a shared inbox, a Help Desk, a CRM tool, a Task Manager, and so many other features as Drag does, you will certainly notice an increase in your productivity. You will surpass the act to send an email simply. Not just that, you are going to save time and money, having everything you need in only one place. We can assure you that.

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