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Best Hiver alternative: Drag is the #1 Shared Inbox in Gmail

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hiver alternative

The best Hiver alternative is Drag App. Over 30,000 users choose Drag because they want to manage more than incoming emails. Learn what they are talking about.

Hiver alternative

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Recently, we have noticed many users looking for a Hiver alternative and switching to Drag. We have decided to write this article to share what these users have been telling us why they think Drag is better than Hiver. 

We are not here to present a standard comparison table between the features in Drag and Hiver, nor to give our opinion on why we believe we are better. All the content in this article comes from genuine feedback and real customers (that will have their identity undisclosed for privacy purposes).

If you landed on this page, you are likely to fall into the same category as those users. You want a Shared Inbox in Gmail but are not quite happy with your current solution. We hope that, with this article, we can help you take your own decisions based on real people like you. In a nutshell, reasons that stand out are:

  1. Drag add a (optional) layer of visibility
  2. Hiver adds inconvenient labels in Gmail
  3. Cannot manage tasks in Hiver
  4. Hiver is too expensive
  5. Drag is more than a Shared Inbox solution
  6. Your emails are safe with Drag

Without further ado, let’s jump into the detailed reasons why Drag is the best Hiver Alternative

1. Drag has an extra layer of visibility 

Visibility has become more and more critical for businesses. Trello disrupted the task management software industry by introducing the Kanban methodology into business workflow software. Nowadays, almost every task management software offers the same view (e.g. Asana,, etc). Drag is the most visual Hiver alternative.

HiverDrag brings this concept into Email. At the end of the day, most of your tasks arrive as emails and most emails require tasks, right? In the business world, emails are typically sales inquiries, customer support tickets, or other kinds of messages that require management. So why not treating emails like tasks in a Kanban board?

2. Hiver = inconvenient labels in Gmail

Hiver started as a Label Sharing tool only. Their main value proposition was simply for teams to be able to assign and share emails in shared Gmail labels. 

More recently, moving into the Shared Inbox space has brought complexity and foundational technical changes. Consequently, a legacy of development handling labels to allow collaboration in Gmail resulted in a Shared Inbox that still relies on Gmail labels.

The impact on the users? Simply a Gmail full of ugly and intrusive labels, like a recently-switched customer shared with us: 

“I have 300+ Hiver shared labels in my Gmail + my own custom labels. It’s is a jungle. Let’s say I start 10 projects and I would like to share each of these with different set of people. If I want to make steps on each projects (only 3, let’s say started, ongoing, done), to do this I have to create 30 new labels!!!”

If you want your Gmail to look like this, Hiver is the best Shared Inbox in Gmail for you:

Drag is building, from the ground up, a tool exclusively focused on allowing teams to manage their most important workflows from Gmail. Our vision is that teams should be able to manage not only emails but business workflows, from the space they spend most of their time: their inbox.

Drag is creating a new category in SaaS: The Everything Inbox for teams. We do not make “improvisations” in our code to serve a “new trend” in the market. We are a new trend. Drag is the simplest Hiver alternative.

3. Cannot manage tasks in Hiver

Hiver is a great tool for standard Shared Inboxes, like support@ and sales@. However, as mentioned in #1,

Drag’s DNA is based on Organization, Visualization, and Task Management. We believe both individuals and teams need more than just email exchange to make their business succeed. They need to manage their tasks.

This is reflected in our Kanban view and the ability to merge emails and tasks into a unique, collaborative workspace in Gmail. For example, what happens when a conversation between you and lead does not start as an email? Or, what happens when a customer opens a ticket that did not start as an email?

In Drag, these things can easily be added into Teams workflows. The impact of adding tasks into your inbox? Well, let the reviews speak by themselves.

In other words, with Drag, you don’t need to spread your work across Shared Inbox + Trello + Asana + 1,000 other tools. Everything can be done from Gmail. 

4. Hiver is too expensive

We are not in the market to compete on pricing. This will never be our ambition as a Company. However, we do believe in a strong pricing strategy that is aligned with the market we are playing in and Hiver is not doing it right.

At Drag, our pricing is flat for teams. No matter how much your team grows, we want you to focus on growing your company, not your costs.

Yes, we do get users looking for an Hiver alternative that eventually switches to Drag for pricing reasons. That is before they realize all the other points in this article.

5. Drag is more than Shared Inbox in Gmail 

Yes, with Drag, you can share email addresses such as sales@ or support@, in real-time, in shared boards. Yes, we do offer a Shared Inbox solution. But is Drag a Shared Inbox tool only? No.

To clarify, Shared Inboxes are, by definition, inboxes. Drag is a workflow management tool. We are building The Everything Inbox for Teams – one single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love – Gmail. Our tool uses Email as the main instrument and, by the way, happens to include Shared Inbox as a feature to deliver everything inbox.

But what if, for example, you are a salesperson doing Sales Outreach with your team and would like to manage together the pipeline of leads that show interest? While multiple team members receive inquiries in their accounts, how do you manage this all together if there is no Shared Inbox such as sales@? 

In short, Drag is the Hiver alternative that brings the simplest solution for all kinds of collaboration. Simply drag that conversation into your “Drag Sales Board” and done. Instantaneously the whole team has access to that lead and the whole historical correspondence. You can even drag emails into shared inboxes such as sales@. As a result, Drag fundamentally eliminates the need to fwd email at any circumstance.

Hiver alternativeThe same applied to situations where email addresses such as support@ or sales@.

6. Your Emails are safer with Drag

First, security is a big deal for us. And since the beginning, our customers have shown that it’s a big deal for them too. That’s why we are building a super secure product.

Even though Hiver claims they are the only ones who do not store your emails, I’m here to mention that we do not store any copies of the bodies of your email messages.

To enable Drag, we collect and store information about the inbound and outbound activity of our users. We store a permanent copy of metadata (including header information and subject line) to re-order and change subject lines.

Moreover, with Drag, emails are sent via Gmail’s API, we sit on top as a visual layer and do not store your data. We use OAuth so we don’t have access to your password. Most importantly, you can revoke our access to your account at any time.

Finally, we host our systems with industry-leading cloud IaaS provider, Amazon Web Services. 

Try the best Hiver alternative.

Drag turns Gmail into your Team’s Workspace – One single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love: Gmail. We are a Techstars-backed Company, trusted by 30,000 users around the World.

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