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Gmail Kanban: the best way to organize Gmail

By November 29th, 2022No Comments
Gmail kanban

Do you want to know why you need a Gmail Kanban tool?

Well, we all know how messy our inboxes can get, right? Being able to organize them is not something we are every day, and once it’s cluttered, goodbye productivity. Organizing Gmail is something much easier said than done. When you start doing it, you realize it can take much more time than expected.

You see, not everything must be painful, but to achieve a decluttered and clean email, there are some steps to climb and mindsets to change, so let’s start it out.

Gmail Kanban

Understanding Gmail

Emails came to the internet as an online version of mailboxes. They became very popular from the beginning of it as a productive form of interaction – in that time, when no other possible rich communication existed.

But when you think about that, even now with instant messaging and social media, emails are still very popular. Many other solutions have come and gone, but email has remained a reliable solution that integrates other solutions, acting as a digital hub for online identity.

Why is that?

Well, as a cultural part of the internet experience, emails have a strong reputation, and it doesn’t seem to be fading, just changing.

Nowadays, there are plenty of tools in which you can do almost anything with your old pal, but at the same time, you can’t just insert numerous tools, you must be wise and choose only what works best for you.

If you have chosen Gmail as your email provider, thumbs up! ? It’s one of the best ones out there. BUT I’m sure we can make it much better, bear with me.

Cleaning up: a good start

First and foremost, you can only have an organized Inbox when it’s minimally cleaned up.

But mostly, the first rules to follow are:

  • Delete emails you don’t need;
  • Archive emails you might need in the future;
  • Schedule a specific time for your email;
  • Use tools to automate what you can;
  • The less time you spend on email, the more productive your work will get.

Once you master these first steps, you’re entirely ready — and less stressed out — to keep going.

The vanilla way of organizing Gmail

When you stop and think about it, there are a few steps commonly known for Gmail, they are:

  • Using labels to separate emails by category;
  • Using folders and rules to separate emails as they arrive, so they don’t fill your inbox right away;
  • Not much more than that to be honest. You can set up a couple of rules, and that’s it.

Although these features are quite old, they’re still useful. Labels can be colored, and it makes email visual. You can learn everything about it in this article.

However, to increase and maximize productivity, we believe there is a Rockstar way to revolutionize your Gmail organization.

Gmail Kanban: time to seriously organize Gmail

You made it! If you read until here, you deserve to know how much better life becomes after Gmail Kanban.

To kick it off, it must be crystal clear to you that Kanban is excellent and has many valuable attributes we value:

  • It is visual, bringing a holistic view of tasks across different stages;
  • Kanban is simple, breaking several tasks down into smaller and manageable pieces;
  • It is productive, allowing sorting and prioritization of tasks;
  • And it just works.

With Kanban, work gets visual, and you know instantly what to do next. Managing work has never been so simple and easy to use.

How do you do this transformation? With Drag! In 3 seconds, your inbox gets Kanban — plus many more features — and you’re good to go!

Drag seamlessly integrates with Gmail to turn your inbox into a beautiful Kanban board, so there is no need to open another browser or tab. No need to open another email client. No need to open anything. It’s just there, in your old and good inbox.

Both emails and tasks become cards, so you’re in just one place, able to do a lot more to manage emails, manage tasks, manage projects, CRM, Help Desk, or whatever you want.

By centralizing and visualizing everything, Drag reduces the amount of time you spend on managing your emails and on transitioning among different tools.

The usual problem with adding tools is that you add different places to check daily for your work routine. Is it practical? Well, it’s better than nothing, indeed, but it’s time to take the next step. Inbox your life.

Here are some points Drag solves for you:

Emails (or standalone task) become cards;
– You can add extra information such as notes, checklists, and due dates;
Drag and drop your To-Dos, so you know in which stage everything is;
– Add and customize as many columns as you want;
Sort & filter your cards, so it’s easy to find what is essential;
Collaborate with your team. Share, delegate, get things done together;
– Use multiple boards, so different projects don’t get mixed up together.

Gmail KanbanSo, why use several tools and channels to organize and prioritize your emails and tasks if you can just put it all together in one place? With the kanban system in your mailbox, everything will be more transparent and more accessible.

If you want to understand it better and have more examples on how to use it, head over here.


Kanban works excellent for Gmail; all you need to do is start it out the right way. Get your inbox clean, delegate work, delete old messages, and leave your inbox as a productivity machine you have never seen before.

And we believe Drag is the right tool to make you and your business achieve so much more, so have a look at our features and check what we can do for your company.

Do you want to have Kanban in Gmail?

Drag turns Gmail into your Team’s Workspace – One single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love: Gmail. We are a Techstars-backed Company, trusted by 30,000 users around the World.

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