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How to share Google contacts between accounts?

By 26th November 2021No Comments
how to share Google contacts

Remember when you only had one email account? Those were the simple days, but they are long gone. As we move more and more to a life filled with responsibilities and the need to organize them all, it is only fair to have more than one email, which also demands us to share Google contacts between accounts.

Once you start having to swap from account to account, copying and pasting email addresses and details, you realize you would have more time and energy to spare if you could share contacts between your Gmail accounts or G suite shared contacts.

This would be helpful not only for individuals, but also for companies in which collaborators need access to the same information, especially when creating a distribution list.

So worry no longer, because we are here to help you out to find a solution to this problem, as we are aware that it may not be as easy or intuitive as one might think. However, it’s totally doable to share Google contacts between accounts. Stick with us!

How to share Google contacts between accounts?

Below, you will find a simple step by step to share Google contacts with another account of your own or a collaborator. This can be done by exporting contacts and importing them to the selected account.

Steps to share Google contacts by export and import

To share Google contacts between accounts, the first step is to go to your Gmail and click on the menu on the right top corner, close to the tab where you would change accounts. share google contacts step1

Once you are on it, search for the “Contacts” app and click on it to open a new screen.

On the “Contacts” screen, you will be able to see all the contacts you have saved so far. You can also edit them and make changes you find necessary. When it’s all to your liking, go on the left menu, where you can see options like “Import” and “Export”.

If you want to share Google contacts from the account you are accessing, then you should click on “Export”, which will open a window similar to the one below. You will be able to choose the format to download those contacts, such as CSV, and then save it on your computer.

share google contacts guide step 3 print

Once your file is safe and sound on your device, then you can switch to the other account and do the same process as above. The only difference is that you will have to click on “Import”

Easier ways to share Google contacts between accounts

Even though the export-import way is perfectly doable, this process to share Google contacts can be a little counterproductive, especially if you or your team is constantly getting new contacts.

This would mean having to set dates and times to keep updating lists of contacts manually and frequently. Not only to speak of the risk of duplicating contacts that would take up much-needed space.

So, you might like to know there are other easier ways to share Google contacts between accounts. Let’s get into that now.

Gmail Delegation

One of the best features Google offers for people who need access to other users’ accounts is called Gmail Delegation, which allows the user to access another person’s Gmail emails and contacts, without having the password to it.

This usually works wonders for personal assistants, but granting access to an account can also be quite useful for small teams that share email inboxes. Even though the feature can be limited, it may be better and safer than simply sharing passwords around the office.

Google Workspace Marketplace

There are no boundaries to how technology can make our lives easier. Therefore, to share Google contacts, you might as well look for apps and plugins on Google Workspace Marketplace that could do the job. Some of them are:

  • GSSMO: option to sync a Google account with Outlook;
  • PieSync: tool that can sync contacts in real-time.

Shared Google contacts means collaboration and productivity

Decades ago, teams and collaborators were sharing physical phone books with important contacts on them. Now, in a digital world, especially with remote work becoming the main choice for many companies, it is crucial to have easy access to contacts online.

This is why it’s necessary to share Google contacts and even are essential for a business that values integration amongst teams and processes. Relevant information should be kept in a secure place, yet accessible to the ones who need it, making collaboration and productivity more fluent.

Share contacts on the next level

Speaking of teams that work collaboratively, and also need to be accountable for different responsibilities, in terms of Gmail shared inbox, they need to take organization to its highest levels.

So, we invite you to try out our DragApp, created to transform Gmail into a collaborative workspace, especially with email-driven tasks.

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