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Add transparency and accountability
to Google Groups with Drag.

  • Manage Google Groups emails from inside Gmail
  • Turn Google Groups into visual boards (Kanban or list views)
  • Assign team members to emails, collaborate on internal chat
  • Collaborate with team members on emails and shared drafts
  • Automate repetitive tasks in Google Groups
  • Track your team’s performance
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Google Groups alternative

Google Groups alternative, right in Gmail.


Google Groups was developed as a discussion space where group members could communicate through either a web forum or an email list. However, it has been increasingly used as some sort of “Shared Inbox”. This means a “group of people receiving the same emails, simultaneously, without the need to share an account and password”.

The problem is, when emails hit the members’ inboxes, there is no accountability or transparency on who is working on what. As a result, people forward emails around to each other, creating endless threads and a big email mess. Drag is not only a Google Groups alternative, but also a fit-for-purpose Shared Inbox and workflow management tool.

So, here we are – the best Google Groups alternative. I hope it helps…

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

Why companies manage Google Groups in Drag


No more duplication of emails.

Sending copy of emails to multiple users only multiplies the number of emails being exchanged and adds noise to the process of managing them as a team. Many times, emails are either replied twice or not replied at all.

With Drag, there is no more duplication of emails. Emails sent to Google Groups load in real time into shared boards, where everybody can work in a transparent way. 

Google Groups alternative


Work in a visual way.

Visual workflows are proven to make your team work faster and happier. The best workflow management tools out there, offer visual ways of working. Drag is not different. Besides the traditional email list view, Drag brings a visual kanban view to email to make your life easier.

Easily move emails across boards for different workflows or different teams.


Know who is working on what (and when).

When multiple people receive the same email across different inboxes, it gets hard to define who is doing what.

Clearly assign emails and tasks team members with Drag, so every conversation has a responsible team member. Apply due dates to never miss a deadline. Use shared tags to categorize conversations across the entire team. 

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Google Groups Drag


Sort and filter to breakdown work.

Want to see only cards assigned to you, or only unread emails, or only cards with certain colors or tags? Filter your boards in one-click. If you prefer to sort emails by due date you can sort them in different ways in one-click too.


Collaborate on more than just Emails.

Google Groups allow you to manage only incoming emails. But sometimes emails alone are not enough for your team’s workflows.

In Drag, you have all the context you need around a workflow from one place – emails, contact info, to-do lists, notes, files, external links and more.

Google Group alternative
Google Group Gmail


Automate your team workflows.

Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters. For example, emails from a certain customer can be moved automatically to a certain board, be assigned to the right team member or receive the relevant tags. Drag is more than a Google Groups alternative, it’s your team work management tool. 


Collaborate on emails and drafts.

In Drag, you can collaborate on drafts before sending them. Or have someone drafting an email for you (e.g. executive assistant), so you can review and send.

You can also reply on behalf of each other (e.g. executive assistant sending emails as you), or reply from a Google Group alias like support@.

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Send emails faster with shared templates and automated follow ups.

This is another way that Drag can save you time. Turn repetitive emails into templates, that can be shared across your team for consistency.

Automatically schedule follow ups to increase response rates. Just select when you want to schedule the follow up emails and we take care of the rest.

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