Google Groups

We are the best Google Groups alternative for a shared inbox (most are not big fans! ?). We ❤️ Google, just not Google Groups. Honestly, it’s not intuitive nor the best way to a shared inbox. So, here we are – the best Google Groups alternative.

What is Google Groups?

Google Groups are an ‘easy’ way for groups of people to communicate and collaborate. It allows you to send an email into a group with one address – that’s how they describe it. But, let’s be honest… it’s not that great. There must be a better way.

Are you considering alternatives to Google Groups because…

It’s difficult to get your team on the same page?

By simply sending copy of emails to multiple users only multiplies the amount of emails that are being exchange without adding a structured way to manage emails. Multiple times, either emails are replied twice or nobody ends up replying – thinking that someone else has already done so.

? Drag share emails real time across the whole team
? All team members work on the same email file, no more duplications
? Team members get updated on real time about replies, no more conflicts

Difficult to assign emails/tasks to team members?

When multiple people receive the same email across different inboxes, it gets hard to define who is doing what – or who is replying to which email. Google Groups does not allow team to clear establish tasks for each team member.

? Drag allows you to assign tasks to team members
? Everybody knows on what others are working on
? Keep the team motivated and working cohesively

Makes internal communication confusing?

The only way a team can communicate using Google Groups is by sending more and more emails, forwarding, cc’ing, bcc’ing. Teams shouldn’t need to send even more emails to communicate internally, there is a more efficient way to so that by adding internal conversations to emails.

? Drag allows team to communicate internally with internal notes
? Share tasks and due dates across all emails
? Organize emails and tasks into visual and shared boards

A supercharged inbox.

We’ve added a few extra (super-cool, super-useful) features, such as internal team chat, due dates, tasks, calendar integrations… Here’s the TLDR.

Google Groups alternative Essentials

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