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How to use Gmail as a Helpdesk with a Shared Inbox

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Managing client relationship is necessary for every company. Some use basic tools – which work well – others need Helpdesk softwares, much more complex, buy yet precise. The aim is to solve customers’ issues and, of course, boost your performance. 

In order to keep a good relationship with your clients, which can turn them loyal and promoters of your company, you must find a way to connect, solve and organize its issues and information. In that way you can manage every detail and check if things are working fine for both of you.

Here at Drag, we have tried different Helpdesk softwares, but we don’t think they solve the problem in the most efficient way. They are good, but workplaces with several tabs or multiple passwords create a hard time for users.

There are several use cases for a shared inbox. Now, is it possible to unify everything in order to solve customers’ issues?

Yes, totally!


The Email – Ticket cycle

Specific softwares that allow users to collaborate are the destiny for people who see emails platforms as an archaic tool. Beyond collaboration, integration of information is very demanded by users. Most don’t see these advantages on regular emails, which is why Drag exists.

Imagine a Helpdesk card. What does it look like? For us, it looks like an email converted into a software. After the customer support team finds a solution for this card, it is turned into an email. So, the current process is: Receive an email > Transform it into a Helpdesk card > Find a solution > Send a response back as an email.

The question is: why do we have to transform an email into a card in another software, then turn back to email to provide customer support? When you think about it, it becomes easier to understand that if you integrate and manage every step on the same tool, work will become more productive.

Then, what if you power up your email with a team inbox feature? With team inboxes and the right features, your team will be able to collaborate in real time, in the same space: their Gmail.

What Gmail fundamentally needs to be a Helpdesk

Email is an universal tool and is probably the core of your work. We do spend a lot of our time using it. However, sometimes we don’t realize how can we manage our email better and how your inbox can be much more useful for your business.

The Helpdesk support function is provided by several companies. Mostly are specific softwares, which requires you to sign in every time you use it and new information to process. The result? Having to seek for support multiple times a day because the system is not as intuitive as it could be.

You could embed your Helpdesk system right into your Gmail, mixed with other functionalities.

The key features in a Helpdesk software

• Automation of the process, making it easy to reply customers;

 Delegation and management of tasks, from end to end, in real time;

 Visual look of the whole process and segmentation of tickets per stage;

 Shared view and collaboration for teams;

 Easy access to key user information such as Company name or telephone number;

 KPIs tracking, such as time to response or service rating.

Having a specific set of features features available in your Gmail will make your productivity flow better. Now your team won’t need to take extra steps when working with Helpdesk, because they’re usually collaborative systems, so how can we work together with an email-integrated Helpdesk? This is our next step. ?

If you can add these features in Gmail, why not transforming your Gmail into a Helpdesk?

Turning Gmail into a Helpdesk with Drag

Drag Team boards are easy to understand. Do have in mind that now your emails are cards in a Kanban board. It means you can drag and drop them as your support progresses. Not just that, but also pipeline customization, customer status tracking and team inboxes collaboration. 

Just like Trello, we have the labelling feature. Therefore, every card belongs somewhere. Here are some other features you can add to your cards:

 Delegation of tickets;

 Customer info, such as phone number and company;

 Progress bar;

 Due dates;


 Internal notes.

These features work perfectly well together and will leave you in a more dynamic, visual appealing and easy understanding inbox.

No more extra tabs, extra apps, extra password, extra headache. Everything works inside your inbox. Simple and plain as that. 

How to set up your Helpdesk Team Inbox

Helpdesk team inboxes are now a reality here at Drag. But how can I set up it in my workplace? 

Well, to set up a team inbox is easy-peasy:

  • Click the boards drop down menu, then click Manage Boards;
  • Select a board (or create one) and click on the add (+) button;
  • Type your peers’ emails addresses;
  • Click Invite;
  • And it’s done!

*A preview of custom Helpdesk feature coming soon



Standing still can be a huge trap for your company. Sometimes you can do better by just adjusting your tools, but you still didn’t know it. Our Helpdesk tool will take your company to a next level of customer satisfaction and company development.

Don’t think it will take long. Intuitive tools can boost your teams’ work fast as a rocket. Better than that, we can keep it all into your existing email.

An intuitive functionality which meets happy clients requirements, Drag is simple and its interface fits perfectly with Gmail. All we want is for you to have the best experience, so you can also provide excellent services.

Learn how to Transform your Business with Shared Inboxes by downloading our Ebook!

What now?

This is our attempt at sharing everything. It’s as simple as that You don’t have to be a customer to follow us.


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