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Why is Drag the best HelpScout alternative?

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The best HelpScout alternative for G Suite users is Drag. Over 30,000 users choose Drag because they don’t want an extra tool. Learn what they are talking about.

Drag vs HelpScout

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Switches from HelpScout to Drag are very common. In this article we are going to share what these users have been telling us about why they believe Drag is the best Help Scout alternative.

If you landed on this page, you are likely to share some similarities with those users. You want a simple HelpDesk solution, that feels like email and is lightweight, affordable, and humanized.

So we hope that, with this article, we can help you take your own decisions based on real people like you. In a nutshell, the reasons why Drag is the best HelpScout alternative are:

  • Lives inside Gmail, while HelpScout is an extra tool
  • Is more visual
  • Is more than just a HelpDesk software
  • Requires less onboarding and training (and costs)
  • Has a better pricing model

Without further ado, let’s jump into the detailed reasons why Drag is the best Help Scout Alternative

1. Drag lives inside Gmail

Imagine a Help Desk ticket. What does it look like? For us, it looks like an email, that eventually, was converted into a ticket by a Help Desk app. And when the customer support agent finds a solution for this ticket, it is then converted back into an email to customers. This is how this process looks like:

Receive an email > Transform it into a Helpdesk card > Find a solution > Send a response back as an email.


The question is: why do we have to transform an email into a card in another software, then turn back to email to provide customer support? When you think about it, it becomes easier to understand that if you integrate and manage every step on the same tool, work will become more productive.

Yes, you can use Gmail as a Help Desk with a shared mailbox with Drag. 

Hiver alternative

Let the users speak by themselves:

“Before Drag, we had tried dedicated support apps (i.e. zendesk, help scout) but having a separate application while so much ancillary work is done within Gmail is more problematic than helpful.”

2. A visual HelpScout alternative

Visibility has become more and more critical for businesses. Trello disrupted the task management software industry by introducing the Kanban methodology into business workflow software. Nowadays, most workflow management tool offers the same view.

Drag brings this concept into Help Desk. It is the most visual HelpScout alternative to help you keep support tickets organized.

HelpScout alternative

Drag brings this concept into Email. At the end of the day, most of your customer service inquiries arrive as emails and they require organization. So why not treating emails like customer support tickets in a Kanban board, inside Gmail?

3. Drag is more than a Help Desk

Yes, with Drag, you can share email addresses such as support@ to manage your support tickets in real-time, in shared inbox boards. But Drag is not only that.

Yes, most customer service tickets arrive as emails, but not all. Not every task in a customer support team arrives as emails. Drag also replaces most task management tools. Inside the same support@ shared inbox, you can manually add new cards that do not necessarily arrived as an email.

You can create custom kanban board s, that is not necessarily comprised of emails only. It can be custom tickets, custom tasks to do, or anything you need. The customer below, for example, switched to Drag to replace both HelpScout and Trello:

“We are switching to Drag from HelpScout. We don’t have a huge volume of traffic on there and it doesn’t integrate well with our other apps. I like the idea of Drag with as much inside Gmail as possible. We will also move away from Trello as we can get the same functionality with Drag.”

4. Easy onboarding, no training required

Needless to say, training and onboarding all team members into a completely new software can get very time consuming and expensive.

It’s not only about the convenience and simplicity of managing your Customer Service directly from Gmail but is also about how easy it is to train and scale a team inside a tool like Drag. Your whole team already knows Gmail – so minimum training and preparation are required.

5. Simpler pricing model

We are not in the market to compete on pricing. But we do want you to focus on growing your business, not your costs.

Drag is a more affordable HelpScout alternative. With a per user/month pricing, HelpScout charges you more as you grow your company. Besides, you need to pay for HelpScout along with other tools such as task management or CRM, for example.

For a team of 5 using Help Scout, Trello, and Pipedrive, for example, Drag can bring savings up to $250 / month. With Drag, you save big. Our pricing is flat, no matter how many users you add to your account.

Convinced about the best HelpScout alternative?

We hope so. There is no reason to overcomplicate things. If you can add the right features to superpower Gmail and turn it into a Help Desk, why go for an external tool? Drag is the HelpScout alternative that brought the most powerful features of a Help Desk software, right to inside the place where your tickets start and end – Email.

Drag turns Gmail into your Team’s Workspace – One single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love: Gmail. We are a Techstars-backed Company, trusted by 30,000 users around the World.

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