Gmail Delegation: How to delegate Emails to your assistant

3rd September 2018 in Gmail Delegation

If not managed properly, Email can consume a lot of our productive time. Email management is a necessary, but painful thing to do. The adoption of virtual assistants for email management has been an increasing practice, making leading email clients such as Gmail release features such as Gmail delegation. These functionalities allow executives to provide assistant with access to their inbox, outsourcing part of the email management burden.

However, you need to use this powerful practice carefully to avoid backfiring.

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Why you should share email with your team

27th August 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail, Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail

Business tools are allowing people to collaborate. Live chat apps have reached millions of users that prefer to communicate in a group on real time instead of sending time-consuming emails. Each day more and more files are shared on the cloud with several users, throw a simple shareable link, allowing people to work together on the same document from different computers. Why until today, why are not allowed to share email?

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Gmail Delegation: You are (probably) doing it wrong!

23rd August 2018 in Gmail Delegation

Almost 8 years ago, Google launched Gmail delegation, that allows you to provide someone else with access to your inbox and emails. This is great for executives who use an executive assistant to manage their email and calendar for them.

This functionality may be very useful in various situations. However, there are some limitations that may be real deal-breakers for teams to delegate emails in a productive – and secure – manner.

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What we learned by launching our MVP too early

22nd June 2018 in 🍦Inside Scoop

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🚀🚀🚀 What we learned by launching our MVP too early 🚀🚀🚀

Inside Scoop, Inside Drag: Episode 008 | May 2017

After building and marketing your MVP, it’s time to launch it. Today we are talking about our strategies to launch Drag and the lessons we learned when launching our MVP too early.”

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Is Zendesk the best universal Helpdesk solution?

7th May 2018 in Zendesk alternative

Zendesk’s success has proved that its founding team was right about the need for change in the Helpdesk software industry. Zendesk has proven that companies need to have a dedicated system to provide customer support and that this system needs to be something intuitive and that employees enjoy using. The question here is:

Would Zendesk be an absolute, universal solution for every company in the World?

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Everything you need to know about Kanban in Gmail

6th March 2018 in Email Productivity, Kanban Gmail

Gmail. It’s always been like this. Your messages come to your inbox, you read them and that’s basically it. What else could we need, right?

So much more. Meet Kanban in Gmail.

You should be aware that it’s 2018, there are many things you can — and should — automate in your life, and there are tools that transform your email experience in several ways.

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Why you should use your Email as a To Do list

30th November 2017 in Email Productivity, Email To Do List

In our business lives, regardless of the nature of our tasks, most of the time they start and end as emails. However, although Emails and tasks work so close to each other, there are a lot of articles online advising people to stop using email as a To Do list. Today, I will share the reasons why I use my Inbox and a task manager and why I believe people should do the same.  
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