Team Inbox in Gmail.

Finally, a Team Inbox built into
the place you spend your day.

  • Turn Gmail into visual Kanban boards
  • Share group emails like support@ or info@
  • Manage tasks, deals and customers right from Gmail
  • Collaborate with teammates on emails and drafts
  • Automate repetitive workflow tasks
  • Track your team’s performance
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Why G Suite companies use Drag as a Team Inbox


It’s visual.

Add incoming emails from team inboxes such as sales@ into Drag boards and customize them your way. 

Kanban or list views, sort & filter, rename, rearrange or expand columns. Create custom cards that did not start as an Email. It’s easy to install. Easy to set up.

Team Inbox Gmail


It feels like Gmail.

Drag has been carefully built to feel like Gmail too. Some tools integrate with Gmail but disrupt the whole user experience. Our interface coexists with Gmail’s in a way that if feels just like Gmail. But with superpowers.


It manages more than just emails.

Emails are the focus of most workflows. But sometimes email alone is not enough. Have all the context you need around a workflow from one place – email, contact info, to-do lists, notes, files. 

Team Inbox
google groups vs drag


It automates repetitive tasks.

Automate repetitive tasks: automatically move emails to specific boards or columns. Auto-assign emails to team members. Send an email template when moving cards from a column to another. Let Drag send automated email follow-ups for you so you can focus on what matters.


It makes collaboration seamless.

Assign emails to team members and know who is working on what. Share drafts or even reply on behalf of each other.

Need help from a teammate? @mention and comment in a chat, in the context of an email. Share specific boards and cards with permission levels.

Gmail Team Inbox

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