How to turn Gmail into the best To-Do list ever

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Email how we use today has changed so much over the last years. It started as a simple tool to communicate and replicate physical mail. Today, it’s very collaborative and (usually) makes work more organized. 

At the same time, To-Do lists are a fundamental tool on the business World. If you think about it, your business Inbox most probably works as a place where you receive tasks (in format of emails).

Wait! If emails and To-Do’s most times mean the same, why don’t they share the same space in Gmail?

Well, that’s a great question, and many people have tried to solve them with what we believe are outdated technologies. We are strong advocates of turning Inboxes into To-Do lists.

Check below some things you wouldn’t need to go through anymore by doing it:

No more sending emails to yourself

This might be your reality. Because your inbox is something just crucial that you see every single day at work and at home, when there’s anything very important remember, many people email themselves.

This is just another example of how we already use emails as to-do lists — even though we don’t know most of the time that we do so.

The process works like this: you have a very important task to do >> you email yourself as a reminder of it >> you check on the other day and remember whatever you wrote.

The thing is that we don’t have to work like this. It’s unpractical and just takes too long, to be honest.

So, what’s the solution? Maybe creating an account in other softwares and sometimes even paying for the functionality of just a simple to-do list.

We don’t think so.

No more multiple tabs and apps

If you go after an app or softwares, for sure there are plenty of options, and they all work great.

No surprise on that, they’re meant to do this, so their features are made specifically to solve your problem. But although they seem great, most of the times they work just for yourself. Sometimes for your team, but whenever you need to reach out to someone outside of it, there you go again switching tabs between to-do apps and email.

For many years — and even now — lots of people believe this is the right answer to make email and to-do lists work together.

But we all know this is not true. This can be simpler.


No more duplicated tasks

It’s not news to anyone that most tasks arrive as emails. Such much so that successful task management tools such as Trello and others allow users to send emails as cards on their boards. That’s great. And resonates with our vision 🙂

The only question is: wouldn’t it be even more efficient if users could manage their emails / tasks only once, instead of managing them in Gmail PLUS in another environment?  ?

If tasks appear as emails and when you’re done you’ll probably email someone, there must be a way to make both emails and To Do’s coexist, right inside Gmail.

Wouldn’t it be great? No, it wouldn’t, because actually it already is.

Gmail + To-do’s. It’s time for your dream to come true

Drag‘s purpose is to centralize your work in one single place, so your productivity will be concentrated and you won’t have to switch multiple times.

In fact, switching not only makes your work take longer, it also requires that team members have to learn new tools and it opens space to many miscommunication issues. How many times have you tried to understand — or help someone else understand —a new tool at work? This issue is more common that you think.

We believe solution is a seamlessly designed interface that works continuously with email, just adding new and crucial functionalities. At the same time, we don’t want to fill your window with too much information, so we added what was the most necessary to keep work in track and information’s flow just right.

Here are some points Drag solves for you:

  • Emails (or standalone task) become cards;
  • You can add extra information such as notes, checklists and due dates;
  • Drag’n’drop your To Dos, so you know in which stage everything is;
  • Add and customize as many columns as you want;
  • Sort & filter your cards, so it’s easy to find what is important;
  • Collaborate with your team. Share, delegate, get things done together;
  • Use multiple boards, so different projects don’t get mixed up together.

Both emails and tasks become cards, so you’re in just one place, able to do a lot more to manage emails, manage tasks, manage projects, CRM, Help Desk or whatever you want, really.



To-do lists and email are meant to each other, so nothing is more reasonable than keeping both together. Once you try Drag and understand how differently your time at email could affect your daily work, we assure you that there’s no turning back.

Beyond that, there’s so much more to explore with it, and making email as simple as possible will not only make your work less stressful, but also increase productivity and communication of your whole team.

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