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Essential Google Slides Tips

By December 7th, 2021No Comments
essential google slides tips

Google Slides is cloud-based presentation software that has gained a lot of popularity among business professionals. However, earlier, it was being used by millions of people worldwide, mainly for academic purposes.

Google Slides allows us to make compelling presentations quickly and easily right from our browser or application. You can effortlessly draft your next presentation using  Google Slide Templates without having to install third-party programs. It can also assist you in collaborating with your teammates and collaborating on a PowerPoint presentation.

Despite the fact that a large number of employees have signed up to Google Slides, few appear to be taking advantage of its extensive feature set. Continue reading to know about some of the tips and tactics that even the most devoted users are unaware of. Then, look into the strategies below to overcome mediocrity and become great at using Google Slides, and if you fell like you need a refresher on Google Slides features, check our guide.

1. Use the Master Slides Tool for modifications:

If you don’t have enough spare time, you should try to use the master slides tool to change a group of slides at once rather than doing them individually. This tool is particularly useful if you want to change your entire PowerPoint presentation to reflect a specific theme or style, as it saves you the time and effort of altering each slide separately.

2. Merge Other Formats together:

It’s not necessary that all of your colleagues would switch to Google Slides because you are making use of it. So no worries, if you’re using PowerPoint to create a business presentation with someone else. Fortunately, you can read and edit your PowerPoint documents in Google Slides very easily without having to convert them to a Google file. To get started with it, all you need to do is open Google Slides in your Chrome browser and install the Chrome extension of “Office Editing” for Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

3. Take advantage of image masking:

You can modify the form of an attached image in Google Slides as it provides a variety of image masking options that can be utilized very easily. This option is especially very beneficial if boxy, sharp photos don’t compliment your presentation’s entire theme.

4. Add a drop shadow to the text:

The aesthetics are important if you want your presentation to stand out among others. To make this happen, you can consider inserting a drop shadow. This is one approach to bring attention to important text. By doing so, a tiny shadow is created, duplicating the content. You have the full authority to adjust the color of the text or reduce the opacity of an image as per your preference. Once you are done modifying, you can drop it right onto the original one. Content headers, in particular, benefit greatly from this.

5. Bookmark Key Text:

Having a Large presentation would necessitate a lot of scrolling to locate in particular exactly what you are searching for. So don’t squander all of that time. Rather, it would be great if you utilized the program’s bookmarking feature in your presentation. With the help of it you can quickly zoom to different spots or passages within your PowerPoint presentation.

6. Undo changes:

No issues if you have made any recent big modifications but unfortunately, that do not get along with your vibe, you are always free to go back to a prior version. Google Slides keeps a comprehensive revision history that allows you to examine all past document changes and enables you to go back to the original if in need. Moreover, it also keeps a record of who has made the changes so that you can view what changes are made and by whom. 

7. Do a dictation for each slide:

Do you get tired of inputting text boxes repeatedly? If yes, then Google Slides is your way to go since it has a “Voice Typing” feature that can be used to dictate the text into new presentation slides. In addition, the functionality even recognizes punctuation commands, ensuring that each slide is exactly as you want it to be. It is giving you the best quality work. 

8. Incorporate Into Your Website:

You can very easily integrate your company presentation onto your web page if you think your target audience would be interested. However, remember that each website’s method is a little different. You would need to research before you attempt to do it. In case you are using WordPress, you can find thorough instructions for embedding your Google Slides presentation in here.

9. Project Using Chromecast or AirPlay:

Going fully wireless to give a presentation will turn heads and will make your life much easier. However, you must ensure that you know how to project directly through your mobile onto a compatible television if you have access to your Google Drive. Moreover, you should also be able to use Chromecast to project your Google Slides presentation if you have an Android smartphone. This will give your audience a good impression of you making your grounds good.

10. Establish a Shared Folder:

Last but not the least, you can easily upload company stock pictures to your Google Drive if you have to share your piece of information with multiple team members. Shared access would help to prepare your Google Slides presentations well on behalf of your organization. All you need to do is, create a new folder on Google Drive and share it with your colleagues if you want to have access to the photographs. Your entire staff can then quickly drag and drop company logos and stock photos into presentations without bothering anyone.


We hope that this article might have added to your knowledge. These are just a few pointers that can get you started easily. However, Google Slides offers dozens of other unique features that can help you leverage your presentation. So research a little and give it a try yourself; you’ll see the difference.

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