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How to move emails to folders in Gmail

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move emails to folders Gmail

Email organisation is one of the most important parts of an efficient workflow. According to data from the McKinsey Global Institute, around 28% of the average workday is spent checking emails. So, if you use Gmail, implementing a Gmail auto move to folder function can save you tons of time.

If you are able to move emails automatically, your inbox will be less cluttered. Then, as you log into it, it’s much easier to search for what you need, browse through conversations and archive when necessary.

With a Gmail auto move to folder hack, it’s also easier to prioritise. A customer service team member can easily go through the latest queries and respond in a timely manner. A collaborator can see any updates on relevant projects quickly. A manager can watch for any oversight. 

In digital workspaces, having quick and well-formatted communication is the key for collaboration and finishing projects. So a person who works mostly email-based needs to pay attention to the state of their inbox. And using Gmail auto move to folder helps make this faster and better.

The advantages of Gmail auto move to folder

The Gmail auto move to folders function, also known as “Filters,” is a feature in Gmail that allows you to move emails automatically, by sorting and categorising them based on various criteria.

To set up a filter, you can specify certain criteria such as the sender’s email address, keywords in the subject, terms included in the body of the email, attachment file types, etc. Then, you also specify what action you want Gmail to take when an email fits the criteria, such as moving emails automatically to a specific folder, marking them as read, flagging as important or applying a label to it.

Once you set up filters, Gmail auto move to folders will sort all incoming emails, allowing you to stay organized and prioritize your emails more efficiently. Here are the top advantages of knowing how to move emails automatically:

Enhanced efficiency

The Gmail auto move to folder function enhances efficiency by automating the process of organising emails. It reduces the effort required to manually sort through messages and move them to different folders. By using filters to automatically move emails to specific folders, it prioritises important emails, and eliminates the need for manual searching

Time saving

A well-labeled inbox can save employees’ time. First, it allows them to quickly identify important emails that require their immediate attention. Second, when emails are sorted and categorised, it becomes easier to search and refer back to them when needed. The Gmail auto move to folder feature helps people avoid spending too much time on it. In turn, they can better manage their time at work.

Custom inbox system

An organised inbox can be customised to each company’s needs and reflect their workflow. You are able to:

Create labels and filters based on the company’s workflow

Companies have different workspaces and systems. You can create filters that reflect this need. For example, a company that works with customer support on a daily basis might have folders that reflect these issues.

Use colors to make the system appealing

Color-coded labels can be used to visually differ between types of emails or to indicate their status. You can move emails automatically and tag them according to which department is responsible.

Assign multiple labels to an email

The biggest advantage Gmail has by using labels instead of traditional folders is that emails can be assigned multiple labels. For instance, an email that is both urgent and related to customer support, you can set Gmail auto move to folder and label them as such.

Foster collaboration and consistency

Companies can define a Gmail auto move to folder system to ensure that everyone is using the same labels and filters. This can make it easier to find emails across different team members and departments. In turn, it increases collaboration in projects and enhances productivity.

By customizing the labeling system, a company can create an organized inbox, move emails automatically as needed and reflect its own needs and workflows.

Focus and productivity

Having a focused and productive team is key to a good performance. But how does email affect this scenario? By setting up systems that avoid clutter, teams can have distraction-free time to work on their projects.

Then, they avoid getting stuck in email searches, which, in turn, makes tasks faster to complete. On the other hand, when a team member needs help from someone else, they will have a quick response, since that person isn’t stuck sorting their messages.

How to move emails automatically

The Gmail auto move to folder feature is called a filter. If a user or team creates filters on their inbox, then the system will move emails automatically according to the rules. This can mean creating a Gmail label. That way, all related messages can be accessed from the same tag, functioning as a folder.

To filter emails automatically on Gmail, follow these steps:

  • Open Gmail and go to the search bar at the top.
  • Enter the search criteria for the emails you want to filter. For example, you can search for emails from a sender’s address, with a specific subject line, with related keywords or file types.

  • Then, when you have entered your search criteria, click on the “Create filter” button at the bottom right.
  • In the “Create filter” window, select what you want Gmail to do. That is, using the Gmail auto move to folder feature. You can apply a label to move emails automatically. Additionally, you can mark as read, archive, delete or mark as important.
  • Then, click on the “Create filter” button to save the filter.


  • From now on, any new emails that match the filter criteria will be sorted by the Gmail auto move to folder system you set up. Pro tip: you can create multiple filters to automatically sort different types of emails.
  • Find the folders at the left menu on your inbox. There, you will see all sorted messages in the same folder.

That way, you will save time and keep your inbox organized.

Categorize your messages with DragApp

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How to move emails automatically in a shared inbox

Many teams opt for using a Gmail shared inbox to work on. Instead of traditional inboxes with shared login information, a shared inbox allows multiple people to access and use it at the same time.

By using a shared inbox, team members have the ability to work together in responding to emails, assign emails to individual members and monitor the progress of conversations in real-time.

As a result, this enhances communication and coordination among team members, leading to greater productivity and faster response times. Shared inboxes are frequently utilized in customer service, sales, and support teams, where there is a need for several team members to manage incoming emails and ensure they are addressed promptly.

Kanban boards

A feature that can be incorporated into a shared inbox are kanban boards. Kanban boards are visual project management tools that improve teamwork. The boards typically consist of columns that represent steps of a project. Such as: “to-do,” “in progress,” and “done.” Tasks or cards are then added to these columns and moved along as there’s progress.

This makes it easier for team members to understand the current status of a project and find the next steps. Additionally, Kanban boards promote transparency by making the progress visible to everyone on the team. This helps to avoid confusion and promote accountability.

By using a Kanban board, teams can identify areas where work is getting stuck, making it easier to optimize workflows and increase efficiency. In addition, Kanban boards help teams prioritize work by providing a clear overview of their to-do lists.

move emails to folders gmail

Drag boards

With Drag, you can create Kanban boards right into your Gmail shared inbox. Instead of the traditional email view, messages are automatically sorted into boards and cards, filters into columns and you can then turn them into tasks for the team to collaborate on.

Creating a board automation means using the rules of Gmail auto move to folder, but instead of labels, it turns the messages into task cards. Here’s how to do it:

  • Access you shared inbox and click on the DragApp icon
  • Select “Automations” on the left menu
  • At this menu, you can name your automation and set up its rules
  • For instance, if you regularly receive messages with the subject line “Invoice” and need to add them to the “Suppliers” board, you can select “Subject” and “Contains”, adding the keywords on the text box.

  • Now, the next step is choosing what to do with these incoming messages. Use the “Then” field to choose the action. You can add multiple actions, such as applying labels, moving to a specific board and column, tagging another user, etc.

Once you set up the filter, each incoming message on your shared inbox that meets the rules will be sorted accordingly.

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Drag turns Gmail into your Team’s Workspace – One single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love: Gmail. We are a Techstars-backed Company, trusted by 30,000 users around the World.

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