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Notes in Email: make your workflow smoother

By January 19th, 2023No Comments
notes in email

As productivity tools, emails are quite useful. They’ve existed for quite a while, and most everyone knows how to use it, and it can be effortless.

However, until now, they have been used just individually. In other words, they’re personal accounts that don’t offer collaboration— only if you copy someone in an email, which gets many people in confusing situations.

For many, this is the standard email configuration, but others already know how to add collaboration to email. This is a change with no turning back, and teams love it.

One thing that isn’t always mentioned when it comes to email collaboration is the power of notes. They’re quite useful, but not everyone knows how to use them — or even that they exist as a possibility.

So today’s article will show you how to use this feature in the best way possible, and how your team can gain with it to increase productivity daily. Also, by having this tool organized in your email inbox, your clients will tend to get happier with your service.

Notes in email minimize the need for internal messages

Sending emails is an essential part of your working day, and it’s okay. Even if you don’t work directly with it (e.g., customer support, or CRM), your day will include some checking in your inbox.

If you need to maximize your productivity with your team as well as minimize the need for new emails, a shared inbox will make a significant difference for you. It allows different people to access and share emails. Consequently, it will enable your team to have a commonplace to work together, so your email becomes an environment of true collaboration. Here’s how:

Notes help to increase team collaboration

When everyone is in the same place (or page), it becomes much simpler to collaborate. Shared inboxes have this potential to create an environment where your whole team works together towards the same goals. Once everyone gets used to this place, your work efficiency starts growing. It might grow slowly, but it is steady. 

One of the benefits of using this kind of feature is that it creates good behaviors in your team, so if one person doesn’t know how it works properly, someone else in the group will help them out.

This connection is essential to make your work more collaborative, as well as creating a belonging sensation. The change is so worthwhile, and you won’t want anything else after you try it out.

You can answer emails faster with notes

If you ever needed help to answer an email before, you know the struggle. You will send another message to someone else, wait for an answer, and then write your message.

How about shrinking this process? To do it from your shared inbox, you need to start using notes. Once someone in your team realizes they have the answer for some specific issue, they can write a note on it, and you can even start a conversation in real-time without any affection to the actual email. It all makes work much faster, so you can minimize the answering time for your customers.


Gmail Tools with Notes

notes in email

Gmail itself doesn’t have the functionality to collaborate with shared inboxes and notes, so you need to add extensions. There are many different possibilities available; all you need to do is research a little bit and find the one that matches your needs the most.

After that, the following step is just to set this tool up. Some solutions require more knowledge to be set up. Others, on the other hand, are quite simple. We’re going to leave a how-to install our tool, so you can compare others to it and get some understanding of how alternatives work.


Setting up


Setting up notes in the email comes with the shared inbox technology. It’s quite simple and only requires five clicks:

1. This is the most uncomplicated click. Download the Email extension by clicking here. Once you’re logged in and have it activated, all you have to do is follow these steps:

2. Click on Manage Boards; Type a name for your new board;

3. To confirm your new board, click Add.

4. Click the Boards drop-down button;

  • On the chosen board, click the Add People button;
  • Type the email accounts you want to share your board with;

5. Click on the Invite button.

And you’re done!


To sum up, the issue with email is not how much you use it, but how well you use it. With better tools, you will need less time in your inbox to accomplish the same things.

The critical point is to look into your team and the aspects you all can improve together. Usually, it is easier to go for more straightforward tools because they don’t demand high special tools.

When you listen to your team and their demands, you’re gaining their trust. It is quite essential for achieving motivation at work, and it contributes to your relationship as well.

Finally, tools are of enormous help for teams, but a great leader can make so much more happen from it, so don’t take them for granted. Once your team works better with you, the whole work will flow better, and the reflection will be in profit and client satisfaction. Let’s make it happen!

If you liked this article, please share with us how your team improves its productivity, and if you decide to share inboxes and use notes in an email, share your thoughts as well. Thanks for reading.

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