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Top 3 best Trello alternatives you need to try in 2023

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trello alternatives

There’s no doubt that Trello is one of the most popular productivity tools out there in the market. It allows for seamless team collaboration and project management. However, even though it has several convenient features and tools, a lot is missing. What if we were to tell you that you can get Trello alternatives with superior components and possibly cheaper pricing? You might be wondering whether these alternatives work just as well as Trello. 

Keep reading our blog to learn more. 

Why are people switching from Trello?

Trello has made managing projects and workflows easier for many organizations. However, it doesn’t fit all their needs. As an organization, your workflows can be quite complex and large at times, and meeting all those demands is beyond the scope of Trello. Here are the top 6 reasons why people are looking for other alternatives instead of using Trello for boosting productivity:

1. It’s not updated as regularly as other tools

The main issue is that the market is moving forward, and everything is constantly evolving. No productivity tool will prove helpful to teams and organizations without regular updates and improvements. While most productivity tools today are continually being updated to meet the demands of organizations, Trello is still very simple.

While some improvements have been made to Trello to facilitate teams, it’s still not the most up-to-date productivity tool out there. 

2. It doesn’t have subtasks inside tasks

Trello has a handy task feature that allows you to keep track of all the crucial operations your team members are performing. However, things are never that simple. Sometimes, a single task has to be divided into multiple tasks to micro-manage the operation and divide the work done into manageable, specialized procedures. 

Trello lacks this feature, making complex tasks harder to track.

3. It doesn’t have reporting features or dashboards

One of the most frustrating things about using Trello is the lack of a reporting feature or dashboard. Keeping track of what operations are being performed by your team members and the project’s overall performance is very important. With a project dashboard, one can easily view all the metrics and key performance indicators related to the project. 

Lack of a reporting feature also makes communication difficult among team members. 

4. Editing tasks is messy, and cards cannot be erased

Another complaint is that the editing process can sometimes become very messy. This is made worse when you have to set up a lot of tasks regularly. Even worse, you can’t delete created cards, only archive them. This can generate a lot of confusion if you ever have to review your history.

5. Trello takes time to maintain

Productivity tools are designed to save you time and simplify the project management process. However, because of the lack of automations, maintaining your projects and workflows becomes cumbersome as they grow. This can distract you from the primary goals.

It’s even worse when you account for Murphy’s Law and the inevitable backtracking required to fix simple mistakes related to repetitive manual tasks.

6. It has slow customer service 

Trello’s slow customer service is another common complaint. We all know how important customer satisfaction is for keeping your customers happy. Trello, however,  does not provide its customers with quick services according to several user reviews.

This is frustrating for people who want Trello to improve their functionality and interface but are never responded to.

Now, it’s clear that Trello has several issues that need to be fixed. But why wait for them to be fixed when you can find a fresh alternative for your organization. But before we present to you all those options, let’s first take a look at what features a Trello alternative must have. 

The features Trello alternatives must have

A productivity tool needs to have many helpful and convenient features. Without them, the tool is incomplete. Anything other than that is just bluffing and unnecessary. Here are the following features that every Trello alternative needs to have. 

1. Automation

No one has time to set up everything in their productivity tool. Writing down all the information yourself takes too much time and thus can distract team members from performing their main tasks. That’s why it’s necessary to automate the process and provide customers with templates. 

2. Easy-to-use interface 

When a productivity tool is too hard to understand, customers get confused. A productivity tool should make matters easier, not harder. That’s why productivity tools need to have an easy-to-use interface. 

3. Shared view and collaboration tools 

Every project management tool needs to have a shared view and other collaboration features enabled in its interface. This allows for a greater level of team communication. Teams can seamlessly work together and share the important details using collaboration tools.

4. Integration 

Any productivity tool you may consider must have integrations enabled. This will allow you to see deadlines on Calendars and share task information on other platforms, saving you a lot of time and ensuring maximum productivity for your team. It also makes tracking your work easier and keeps you up-to-date regarding all the progress your team has made so far. 

As long as the Trello alternative has these features, your management team’s productivity will be booming. However, there are some other qualities apart from the features such as: 

  • Pricing points
  • Brand credibility
  • Consistent updates

What are the three best Trello alternatives?

Let’s look at the three best Trello alternatives for your team.

Drag app: The best Trello alternative for Gmail users
kanban board 

Drag app is simply the most convenient project management tool for organizations and teams using Gmail. It turns good old Gmail into a comprehensive workspace with shared boards for you to assign tasks and emails to your team.

Discover the benefits of having email and task manager seamlessly combined with an array of useful features to efficiently manage all your tasks and ensure collaboration between team members. Check Good Drop’s case using Drag.

Here are the key features of using the Drag App:

Key advantages of using Drag App over Trello

Here are the benefits that you get from switching to Drag App.

  • Automations – With Drag your incoming email requests can automatically go to boards and be assigned to teammates.. Automate your team’s work and allow it to focus on what matters the most.
  • Analytics – The reporting feature gives you a clear insight into the amount of work incoming to boards and your team’s performance, giving valuable insights to push productivity. 

Other Pros of using Drag App 

Here are the following benefits you’ll receive by using the drag app:

  • Emails as cards on boards – You can instantly know what’s going on by simply clicking the card and having access to entire email threads. 
  • Responsive customer support – A great plus side of using the Drag app is that our customer support team is responsive and always happy to guide you. 

Cons of using Drag App 

  • Requires your team to use Gmail – Unfortunately Drag is only compatible with Gmail.

Drag App’s ratings


workflow management software

Asana has been the competitor of Trello for quite a long time. It allows you to organize your team’s work and manage everything efficiently with calendar views. Teams find it easier to focus, and everything stays right on track. 

Here are the key features provided by Asana:

  • Boards
  • Timeline
  • Calendar
  • Gantt chart 
  • Reporting

Asana is an application that provides plenty of convenient features to its users. You can view team progress, assign tasks, and communicate with your team all in one place. 

Pros of using Asana 

Here are the following benefits you’ll receive by using Asana: 

  • Seamless organization – A huge benefit of using Asana is that it organizes all of your team’s tasks into projects. 
  • To-do list – Asana can be used as a to-do list to boost your productivity. 
  • Easy to view project details- Using Asana, you can easily view which team member you have assigned each project piece. 

Cons of using Asana 

  • Lack of customization on tasks – The my tasks section on Asana can use some more customization to allow for more productivity. 
  • The user interface is a bit dull – This might be a matter of taste, but many might find Asana’s current user interface a bit uninspired and bland. 

Asana’s ratings:


  • The pricing starts at $13.49 per user per month
  • A free version is also available

proofhub screenshot

Proofhub is another task management, productivity booster, and team collaboration software. It allows for seamless communication between the team members and has plenty of advanced features for its users. You can easily add tasks and assign them to different team members without any confusion.

Here are the key features that proof hub provides to its users:

  • Events 
  • Calendar
  • Activities 
  • Bookmarks
  • Milestones 
  • Announcements

Proofhub allows you to bring all the discussions between your team and clients to one place. You won’t have to search for information spread out all over different platforms and tabs. You will be able to view all the relevant details on one page. 

Pros of using the Proof hub

Here are the following benefits of using a proof hub as a productivity tool: 

  • Easy-to-use – You can easily get it up and running with projects and tasks.
  • Generous trial period – You receive a generous trial period to see whether you like proof hub’s services. 

Cons of using the Proof hub

  • Messy user interface – The interface is quite messy and can frustrate many people who use it. 
  • Limited proofing functionality – The proofing functionality is quite limited and may cause issues. 

Proof hub’s rating


  • The proof hub offers customers a free version and a free trial
  • The premium version starts at $45.00 per feature per month


Are you intrigued by these new alternatives? If yes, then you should definitely give our Drag app a try. It’s convenient, easy-to-use, and is the best productivity tool to use alongside Gmail. 

Switch from Trello right now

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