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Helpwise alternatives: Why Drag, Zendesk, and FreshBooks might be better options?

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best Helpwise alternatives

Are you having doubts if Helpwise is the best fit for your organization? Maybe looking for an alternative? Or do you just want a swift and complete setup to help your team navigate external and internal communication? Well then, your search ends here! In this article we will present the best Helpwise alternative apps.

Why Switch From Helpwise?

Helpwise is a shared inbox for Email, WhatsApp, and SMS that helps teams to manage customer conversations from a single platform. Lately Helpwise users have been experiencing shortcomings that have turned them off and we are here to explore other alternatives. 

Frequent Glitches And Bugs

The biggest issues with Helpwise for many users are the glitches and bugs, which sometimes prove to be problematic for their workflow management. For instance, many people report that some emails are labeled as read for one team member and unread for another one, or sometimes the emails show up in a completely different inbox.

This causes disruption and gets in the way of team collaboration. Apparently these glitches occur really often and so many people prefer to switch to another shared inbox

Unorganized Interface

Clutter is an annoying issue for almost every worker, and it’s a common complaint from Helpwise users. It’s interface is not organized, so one cannot streamline their different folders and files.

This makes it very difficult to keep track of your emails, especially when time is running out and you need that one particular email. It also does not have a board-styled interface such as Kanban boards. These are of great use to people who have a huge workload with multiple processes going on and tons of clients to deal with.

Also, the interface does not mention the number of incoming emails. These drawbacks slow down the pace of work because a person has to waste time searching for emails. It ruins the purpose of having a shared inbox, i.e., saving time.

Unproductive Lower Cost Plans

Helpwise pricing is another issue. Pricing always matters, and getting the desired set of features for a reasonable price is what we expect.

However, the Helpwise plan’s price ranges miss the mark. Its high-cost plans are slightly too expensive for most organizations to benefit from. On the other hand, its lower-cost plans are not as useful either. It does not offer a complete set of basic yet necessary features for a proper business operation.

Slow Customer Service

Finally, another common complaint is Helpwise’s sluggish customer service. Their help desk has several complaints about the time it took to solve issues, which is why many are seeking Helpwise alternatives.

They are not only slow responders but also take considerable time to take notice and eliminate glitches. Helpwise also has very little to no instructional material to guide beginners. In fact, one reviewer complained they had to face a steep learning curve when learning different options and features.

What is the Best Helpwise Alternative?

Are you tired of facing all these issues using Helpwise? It might be time to switch to a better shared inbox and make your working experience run smoothly. So read on to know more about the top 3 Helpwise competitors!

Drag, the best Helpwise alternative for Gmail users

kanban board screenshotSpearheading our list of shared inboxes is Drag, the best solution for Google Workspace users. It consolidates your digital workspace in a single location, your Gmail inbox. It is especially fitted to cut down the time wasted in switching between tabs and tools to handle external and internal communication. 

With Drag, you can create shared inboxes inside Gmail to let your team collaborate on email-driven tasks. It allows entire teams to manage inboxes such as Support@, sales@, or billing@. This helps your team collaborate on queries. 

Drag also has many versatile additional features for task management and email organization. These tools include customizable shared Kanban boards, incredibly useful when managing a gazillion emails and tasks. The boards present all your emails as task-cards. This way, you can get an overview of the email workflow at a glance. 

It’s shareable email templates and email follow ups are a widely popular feature. Templates and automated follow ups are a must-have for anyone dealing with external communication. You can also use the calendar integration to set due dates and reminders for your tasks.

Conversation is the key to a successful team project management and with Drag’s email team chat you have access to a more organized communication setup. With it you can chat inside the context of a task-card, right where all the relevant information is. This way, focused conversations about specific issues don’t get mixed with other subjects, but you don’t create a confusing amount of parallel channels either.

To monitor and analyze your team members’ individual progress you can use Drag’s report features. This helps teams visualize relevant metrics such as the amount of incoming messages and board activity.

The best advantage of using Drag is that it operates on top of Gmail, a platform most people are familiar with. This creates a low learning curve for you to hit the road running. And even if you find yourself needing some help, Drag has an award winning help desk and a help center.

Drag vs. Helpwise

In a survey that questioned people about the best-shared inbox, Drag was ranked 3rd while Helpwise was ranked 16th. The reviewers pointed out some of Drag’s greatest strengths as a help desk system.

  1. Drag offers a Kanban board system that organizes emails as task-cards. On the other hand, Helpwise does not offer this feature, so many users resort to complementing the gap with other task management apps.
  2. The interface of Drag boards is full of useful features that lets you get on top of the email-driven tasks at a glance. Such as customizable columns, calendar integration with deadlines, task assignments, team chat inside cards, file uploads, shared drafts and more. 
  3. Drag’s shared inboxes are a very versatile solution. It can benefit not only traditional shared inbox using teams like customer support and CRM, but also other teams that have email-driven tasks, like HR, Finances, Operations and more.

Drag’s pricing starts at $8 per user/month and you can get free 14 day trial here.

Drag’s Rating

G2 rating: 4.4 (Voted Top 50 best collaboration softwares for 2022)
Capterra rating: 4.4

Other Pros of using Drag

  • Works from inside Gmail, a tool most people is familiar with;
  • Displays email task-cards in Kanban boards;
  • Saves you time managing email-driven tasks;
  • Available on mobile app.


  • Drag only integrates with Gmail so it’s not available for those using other email clients.

The best help desk tool for Google Workspace

Drag turns Gmail into your Team’s Workspace – One single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love: Gmail. We are a Techstars-backed Company, trusted by 30,000 users around the World.

Try Drag for Free


zendesk alternatives

G2 rating: 4.3
Capterra rating: 4.4

Zendesk support suite is another big name in the market. It is a multifunctional all-in-one platform whose main focus lies on swift customer support. Zendesk has an automated help desk that takes care of minor tasks. You can also share automated messages and emails to save time.

Another relevant feature for some teams is its multilingual capabilities. Making it one of the few tools offered in many different languages for people from all over the world to benefit from. 

Pricing starts at $19 per agent/month


  • A complete platform for quick customer support;
  • Has many relevant integrations for customer support;
  • Offered in multiple languages.


  • The high price makes it only attractive to organisations interested in taking full advantage of Zendesk’s several features.


freshdesk screenshot

G2 rating: 4.4
Capterra rating: 4.5 

Freshdesk is also an online cloud-based customer support software, just like Zendesk. It is an adequate alternative for Helpwise. The comparison between Freshdesk and Zendesk is very frequent, considering they have many features in common.

The software is also made for agents offering customer support. It has a shared inbox to facilitate team collaboration on support tickets. You can use automations to save time on repetitive tasks. It offers multi-channel communication management to keep users on a single platform. And finally it offers a chatbot feature to handle some of your FAQs. This is done by creating some reply templates for different situations.

Freshdesk’s pricing starts at $15 per user / month

But the plans have to be billed annually. In addition, you might need add ons sold separately, like Freddy Ultimate, Freddy Self service, and Freddy service management. 


  • User-friendly layout
  • Many innovative support features


  • Limited automation in low-cost plans
  • Add ons sold separately

Final Thoughts

Switching from one business software to another is a painful and expensive process, but finding the exact tool that fits your organization’s needs can generate productivity gains that quickly outweigh the losses.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up on Drag App now or get its Chrome Extension to streamline your tasks and improve productivity. Don’t forget to explore how boosted commerce is building a 100+ brand platform, using Drag for smooth Customer Support.

Customer support from inside your Gmail

Drag turns Gmail into your Team’s Workspace – One single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love: Gmail. We are a Techstars-backed Company, trusted by 30,000 users around the World.

Try Drag for Free
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