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  • Automate repetitive workflow tasks  
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Finally, Gmail Delegation done right.

Google launched Gmail delegation in 2010 to allow users to provide someone else with access to their entire inbox and emails. It sounds like a great solution for executives who have assistants to manage their email and calendar, for example, or for managers to delegate work to their subordinates.

Gmail delegation is definitely more convenient and secure than forwarding emails around or giving your password to another user. But it still has a lot of limitations. Below, you’ll find information on how Drag can make Gmail Delegation right. We hope this helps…

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

Why companies do Gmail Delegation using Drag


Delegate your entire inbox or specific emails.

Gmail Delegation only allows you to share your entire inbox. This can be very counterproductive when you only want to delegate specific emails.

With Drag, you can either share your entire inbox or select the exact emails you want to be shared. Sharing specific emails in Drag is easy. Just create a Shared Board with your delegates and populate the board with the emails that you want to share.

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Allow others to reply to emails from your own email address.

When you use Gmail delegation, the recipient of a delegated message will still see that the reply was sent from your assistant’s email address.

If you don’t want the recipient of an email to know that you are not the person typing that reply, this is easy with Drag. Your assistant can select if he/she wants to send the email from his/her own email address or from yours.


Collaborate on emails and drafts.

In Drag, you can collaborate on drafts before sending them. Or have someone drafting an email for you (e.g. executive assistant), so you can review and send.

Need to give feedback or guidance on a certain email? Just use the internal chat to @mention and leave notes to your assistant or other team members.

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Delegate emails cross-domains.

Gmail Delegation doesn’t allow users to collaborate cross-domains. Users can delegate emails only to other users within the same organization. This means that if you have a domain @company.com but your assistant uses @gmail.com, the delegation cannot be done.

In Drag, it’s possible to share boards cross-domains, no limitations. No need to purchase a G Suite licence to each delegate.


Stop sharing passwords.

Sharing email passwords is dangerous. With Drag you can share emails from within your own email address, and your assistant will be able to read and reply to them from his/her own email address too. No more sharing passwords.

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Delegate more than emails: delegate tasks.

Gmail Delegation works to share emails only. However, sometimes you need more than only emails to get work done. You need to mention something else, give feedback, instructions or explain tasks to be completed too. 

In Drag, you have all the context you need around email workflows from one place – emails, contact info, to-do lists, notes, files, external links and more.


Automate your workflows.

Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters. For example, emails from a certain customer can be moved automatically to a certain board, be assigned to the right team member or receive the relevant tags. Drag is more than a Google Groups alternative, it’s your team work management tool. 

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