Gmail Delegation: How to delegate Emails to your assistant

3rd September 2018 in Gmail Delegation

If not managed properly, Email can consume a lot of our productive time. Email management is a necessary, but painful thing to do. The adoption of virtual assistants for email management has been an increasing practice, making leading email clients such as Gmail release features such as Gmail delegation.Β These functionalities allow executives to provide assistant with access to their inbox, outsourcing part of the email management burden.

However, you need to use this powerful practice carefully to avoid backfiring.

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Gmail Delegation: You are (probably) doing it wrong!

23rd August 2018 in Gmail Delegation

Almost 8 years ago, Google launched Gmail delegation, that allows you to provide someone else with access to your inbox and emails. This is great for executives who use an executive assistant to manage their email and calendar for them.

This functionality may be very useful in various situations. However,Β there are some limitationsΒ that may be real deal-breakers for teams to delegate emails in a productive – and secure – manner.

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