Gmail Delegation

Delegate emails or tasks to your assistant or team members right from inside Gmail. Most tasks are delegated as emails. Use Drag to seamlessly delegate emails to your secretary or team members, without needing to forward emails and create confusing threads.

Why Gmail Delegation?

Sometimes it’s faster for one of your team to get stuff done. Delegating an email makes this possible. Imagine how productive you could be if you only deal with the emails that you need to?

You don’t want to share your password?

Sharing emails passwords is dangerous. With Drag you can share emails from within your own email address, and your assistant will be able to read and reply to them from his/her own emails address too. No more sharing passwords.

You don’t want to share your whole inbox?

Sharing a whole inbox can be mery counterproductive when you only want to share some of the emails with your virtual assistant. With Drag, you can select exact the emails and tasks that you want to be shared.

You want delegated emails to be replied from your alias?

Forwarding emails to virtual assistant is not ideal for delegation, given that the responses will come from his/her own email address. In Drag, you can chose which alias the responses will come from: yours or your assistant.

A supercharged inbox.

We’ve added a few extra (super-cool, super-useful) features, such as internal team chat, due dates, tasks, calendar integrations… Here’s the TLDR.

Gmail Delegation Essentials

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